Tata Motors launches 100% cash back offers on Bolt, Zest, Nano and Safari

Enticing offers have been introduced by Tata Motors in a bid to boost sales and tempt customers back into company showrooms. Its not everyday that you hear from a car manufacturer about 100% cashback offers.

But that is what the Indian brand, which owns Jaguar Land Rover, has done. So does this new Tata Motors offer actually offer you the chance to win a car for free? We call their customer care and find out more details.

Further investigation revealed that it was more of a scratch card offer, with discounts of varying proportions being offered on most Tata Motors’ models. Only a few lucky one’s could win 100% cashback coupon.

For most, discounts on the Tata Safari Storme would amount to INR 39,000 while the GenX Nano comes with a discount of INR 37,000. The new Zest sedan and Bolt hatchback are being offered with INR 47,000 and INR 77,000 off respectively. The buyer is offered a scratch card with multiple options right from INR 2,000-INR 20,000 cash discounts

100% cash back offer is valid till November 15, 2016 wherein buyers stand to win cashback once booking and billing is done. Lucky customers get a chance to win cashback offer of 50% and 100% on the price of the model.

Whether all these offers will actually relate to increased sales is yet to be seen as such offers in the past failed to contribute much to company sales.

Tata Nano GenX – Photos

Tata Bolt – Photos

Tata Zest – Photos

Tata Safari Storme – Photos

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