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Tata Motors To Export 600 Military Trucks To Royal Thailand Army

In a boost for ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliance) policy, Tata Motors will be selling 600 military trucks to the Royal Thai Army

The Thai Army is currently in the process of finalizing the details of the order. The information was revealed by Chutintorn Sam Gongsakdi, who is the Ambassador of Thailand to India. Appreciating the capabilities of TATA LPTA military trucks, Gongsakdi said that the trucks are “rugged and easy to maintain“. He said that these trucks fulfil the requirements of Royal Thai Army and are fit to be deployed for service of the nation.

Tata LPTA trucks key features

A combat support vehicle, Tata LPTA military trucks have been in service in the Indian Army since 2015. These are available in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 and 12×12 configurations. Tata LPTA military trucks were primarily launched to reduce Indian Army’s dependence on Czech-designed Tatra trucks.

As of now, the Indian Army has more than 10,000 Tatra trucks in service. Tatra trucks were known for their versatility and reliable performance, which is why they were preferred by the Indian Army.

Tata Military Trucks Exports
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It is expected that Tata military vehicles will among the primary products that will be replacing Tatra trucks in the Indian Army. Some of the key features of Tata LPTA military trucks include cab over engine modular design; roof hatches for observation, firing and emergency exit; hydraulic crane for handling equipment; central tire inflation system; HVAC; and powerful winch at the front.

Tata LPTA trucks engine

Tata LPTA 6×6 and 8×8 variants get their power from a Cummins ISLe motor that generates 375 hp of max power. The 12×12 variant is driven by a Cummins ISXe engine that is capable of generating 525 hp. Rated max torque output of 12×12 variant is a staggering 2000 Nm at 1200 rpm. The vehicle has automatic transmission with 7 forward and 1 reverse gear. It has a gross weight of 53,800 kg and can carry 33,000 kg of cargo.

The Indian Army is currently utilizing a range of TATA LPTA trucks. The 4×4 variant is the most widely used, numbering more than 15k. These trucks also serve varied purposes, for example, the 8×8 variant has been finalized as the vehicle of choice for launching SPYDER short range surface to air missiles. Tata Motors has proposed that the 8×8 variant can also be used for Pinaka MBRL. Similarly, the 12×12 variant can be used as a platform to launch Nirbhay missile.

Tata Motors exports its military vehicles to various other countries in ASEAN, SAARC and Africa. It is also a supplier to UN peacekeeping forces deployed in conflict zones in Africa. Tata Motors defence portfolio includes a range of vehicles including everything from fire tenders and water tankers to troop carriers, prison vans, recovery trucks, ambulances, armoured vehicles, and mine protected vehicles.


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