Tata Motors owned Land Rover Range Rover engine/front catches fire under unknown circumstances (Video)

Earlier this week, all new Range Rover Evoque from Land Rover was seen burning up in flames on the side of a busy highway in Dubai. We do not know why the Evoque compact crossover SUV was on fire or how did it catch fire in the first place, as all we can see in the video below is a burning Evoque. YouTube video is uploaded by username – mhmdyamout and the title of the video is, “Range Rover Evoque on fire, Dubai.”

Even the uploader of this video has not mentioned any details about how the Evoque caught on fire. But from the video, it seems that the engine of Evoque caught fire, as only the front of Evoque is seen burning in flames. Front tires of Evoque too have caught fire and have deflated.

Scanning through the interesting comments below the video, userid – co88er’s comment states that, “It’s a proper TATA then.” Now what is co88er trying to imply here? In the recent past, there have been incidents where Tata Nano’s (world’s cheapest car) engine started burning under mysterious circumstances. There have been more than 5 such incidents recorded till date in India.

Unlucky owners who got to witness Nano burning incidents first hand, have stated that they saw smoke inside the car which was coming out of Nano’s engine which is fitted in the rear. Before anybody could react, Nano’s engine catches fire and after some time the entire car is burning up in flames. Luckily, nobody has been injured due to these events.

So on the lighter side, what co88er is trying to imply here is that though Range Rover Evoque is manufactured in Liverpool by Land Rover, it is still a Tata product.