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Tata Motors Regains No 2 In Dec 2022 Sales – Punch, Tiago, Harrier

Tata Motors ends 2022 on a high note; sales growth reported for December 2022, Q4 2022/Q3 FY23, and through the calendar year

New Tata Harrier Sales Dec 2022
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To appeal to a diverse group of customers, Tata now offers a range of products at different price points. Collectively, these products bring forth a variety of features, and strengthen company appeal.

In recent years, as the market has been redefined, Tata has struck while the hammer is hot instead of trailing as seen in previous years. Alongside, they have continuously monitored the success of new cars, and offered up a wide range of variants. Over the years, the manufacturer did discontinue all of its cars that were underperforming where sales was concerned.

H2 2022 sales higher than H1

In December 2022, Tata Motors reported sales at 40,043 units, up from 35,299 units YoY. Volume gain stood at 4,744 units at 13.44 percent growth. MoM sales fell from 46,037 units to a 13 percent decline. Volume loss stood at about 6k units. Dec 2022 saw Tata Motors regain No 2 position in the Indian car industry, beating Hyundai – who has reported sales of 38,831 units.

Of the 4 quarters in 2022, Q3 was stellar at 1,42,331 units, up from 83,930 units. Volume gain stood at 58,401 units at 70 percent growth. H2 sales stood at 2,73,634 units, up from 1,82,935 units. Volume growth in the last 6 months was reported at 90,699 units at 50 percent growth. Q4 sales climbed to 1,31,303 units from 99k units. Growth was reported at 32.62 percent at volume gain of 32.3k units.

Tata Car Sales Dec 2022
Tata Car Sales Dec 2022

H1 sales were up at 2,53,185 units from 1,48,246 units. Volume gain stood at 1,04,939 units at 71 percent growth. Of the first 2 quarters in 2022, Q2 sales was higher at 1,30,130 units. Volume gain stood at 65,743 units, up from 64,387 units sold in Q2 2021. Q1 sales were reported at 1,23,055 units, up from 83,859 units. Volume gain stood at 39,196 units. 2022 sales are reported at 5,26,819 units, up from 3,31,181 units. At 59 percent growth, volume gain was just shy of 2 lakh units.

Tata Car Sales 2022
Tata Car Sales 2022

The auto industry isn’t one that starts to work wonders overnight. Success here depends on numerous factors. Among them a key step is to offer the right cars across segments to try and ensure there’s something for everyone. This begins with identifying customer needs and preferences. A decade ago, Tata Motors reported a major slump in sales. From then to now, the manufacturer has made significant progress in offering a wider range of modern cars.  

EV sales highest in Q3FY23 at 12,596 units

Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director, Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd. and Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. said, “For Tata Motors passenger vehicles, CY22 has been a momentous year as we outpaced industry growth and crossed the distinctive milestone of 5 lakh units comfortably to post wholesale of 526,798 units. Tata Motors PV posted the highest ever quarterly and monthly retails in Q3FY23 and Dec’22, respectively. We also crossed the coveted 50,000 units of monthly retail for the first time.

Tata Motors Car Sales Dec 2022
Tata Motors Car Sales Dec 2022

Wholesales recorded in Q3FY23 were of 131,297 units (growth of 32.6% vs Q3 FY22) and in Dec’22 of 40,043 units (growth of 13.4% vs Dec’21) with the popular SUV range continuing to contribute to two-third of the sales volumes. EVs posted their highest ever sales in Q3FY23 at 12,596 units (growth of 116.2%) and crossed the landmark cumulative sales milestone of 50,000 units. Tiago.ev received tremendous response, post the bookings opening during the quarter; deliveries to start in Jan’23.”  

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