Tata Motors sees flat sales during April 2012

During the month of April 2012, Tata Motors Group wholesales in addition to that of Jaguar Land Rover stood at 87,377 units. Taking all commercial vehicles into account i.e. Tata, Tata Daewoo and Tata Hispano Carrocera sales stood at 38,008 during April 2012 which was lower by 8% as compared to the same period in the previous year.

However, the company fared better where global sales of passenger vehicles were concerned. Here the figure stood at 49,369 in April 2012 up 7% as compared to April 2011. Global sales of Fiat cars were at 24,226 units lower again by 9% over April 2011 figures.

It was only where Global sales of Jaguar Land Rover were concerned that the company saw some improvement. Sales stood at 25,143 units up 29% over previous year’s figures in the month of April. Jaguar sales individually too were up 17% and stood at 3,603 units and Land Rover sales were up 32% and stood at 21,540 units.

Share prices of the company too were down. They stood at Rs.271.65 down Rs.18.65 or 6.42% at the Bombay Stock exchange on Wednesday morning. It touched intraday at Rs.277.20 and reached a low of Rs.270.60 while total volume of company shares traded stood at 760,184. Currently the stock is trading down 15.27% from its 52 week high of Rs.320.60 and 97.35% over the 52 week low of Rs.137.65.

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Tata Motors Group global wholesales at 87,377 vehicles in April 2012

The Tata Motors Group global wholesales, including Jaguar Land Rover, were flat at 87,377 nos., in April 2012.

Global sales of all commercial vehicles – Tata, Tata Daewoo and the Tata Hispano Carrocera range – were 38,008 nos., in April 2012, lower by 8%.

Global sales of all passenger vehicles were at 49,369 nos. in April 2012, higher by 7%.

Global sales of Tata passenger vehicles and the distribution offtake in India of Fiat cars were at 24,226 nos., lower by 9%, over April 2011.

Global sales of Jaguar Land Rover in April 2012 were at 25,143 vehicles, higher by 29% over April 2011. Jaguar sales for the month were 3,603 nos., higher by 17%, while Land Rover sales were 21,540 nos., higher by 32%.