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Tata Motors Special Edition Sales Increase – Nexon, Harrier, Safari, Punch

4th instalment of Tata Motors’ special edition is called Jet which Safari, Harrier, Nexon and Nexon EV get

Tata Nexon JET Edition
Tata Nexon JET Edition

Tata Motors seems to have mastered the skill of creating special editions in recent years. Not too long ago, special editions of regular cars would be an absolute disaster for manufacturers. We had Punto Abarth with a 1.4L turbo petrol engine with 145 bhp and 215 Nm and rear disc brakes. We also had Ford Figo S with lowered and stiffened suspension.

But both Ford and Fiat burned their hands with these as they were a hard sell from regular models. But as Indian car buyers are maturing, special editions are getting more desirable too. Now we have i20 N Line with some mechanical changes that are likely to make it on Venue N Line too. We also have Kia’s X Line for Seltos and Sonet too. Hyundai also has a Knight Edition offered with Creta.

Tata Motors Special Editions

But Tata Motors seems to have the most amount of sauce in their special edition offerings. Tata started offering special editions on Harrier in 2019 and now, Tata has already launched 4 sets of special editions with their models.

It also seems like a profitable proposition for Tata too, or else it would have axed these special editions right after the first offering. According to a report, Tata’s special editions offered across its range account for 15% of the company’s total PV sales which is astonishing.

Speaking of Tata’s first special edition, It was the Dark Edition and was offered with Harrier in 2019. But as time crawled during Covid-19 period, Dark Edition was extended to include Nexon, Nexon EV and even Altroz, for that matter and recently, Safari as well. Dark Edition is by far the most sought after and with Harrier and Safari, Dark Edition constitutes around 45-50% of their sales.

In September 2021, we got Gold Edition for Safari only. It brought real leather seats with, wait for it, ventilation. But Gold Edition got seat ventilation for rear captain seats as well. Show me a car with rear ventilated seats under Rs. 25 lakh. It is only present in uber luxurious cars costing 4 times as much. Yeah, Sonata had it. But it didn’t catch on against rivals like Accord and Superb.

Kaziranga & Jet Editions

In February 2022, Tata added Kaziranga Edition to its portfolio. It was offered with Punch, Nexon, Harrier and Safari. It brought ventilated front seats to Nexon as well. Last and latest special edition from Tata Motors is called Jet Edition and is offered with Nexon, Nexon EV, Harrier and Safari. Harrier Jet Edition also gets rear disc brakes too.

All-in-all, both Altroz premium hatchback and Punch get just one special edition each which are Dark Edition and Kaziranga Edition respectively. Nexon EV however, gets two special editions which are Dark Edition and Jet Edition. Regular Nexon ICE and Harrier both get Dark Edition, Kaziranga Edition and also Jet Edition. But Safari being the flagship and with the most puff-daddy appeal, gets Gold Edition. None of the other Tata cars get Gold Edition and it also gets Dark Edition, Kaziranga Edition and Jet Edition too.


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