Tata Motors to add more than 10,000 women workers by 2018

In what is seen as largely a male dominated environment, Tata Motors plans to set things in motion to increase its woman workforce at its shop floors.

The company with around 60,000 workforce as on date, of which only 3% are women shop floor workers, has announced that in the next two years this percentage will be increased from a present to 20%. This means, from the present women workforce of 1,800, the company aims to increase this number by about 10,200 to 12,000 women.

yamaha india women workforce
Back in 2014, Yamaha India introduced a production line operated by women-only workers.

The earlier misconception that women workers on shop floors would be a serious constraint considering heavy lifting and manual labor involved is about to change. Increased use of mechanized hauls and lifts and robotic power being utilized for this jobs would make it possible for companies to increase their woman workforce and break age-old traditions and gender biases.

Tata Motors will be taking active steps to see this target through while plans are also afoot to reduce dependence on Industrial Training Institutes and hire 10th and 12th standard students directly from neighboring villages.

yamaha women workers india

The company plans on training these students in the techniques involved in automobile manufacture at their own training centers. Tata Motors has also entered into a MoU with Automotive Skill Development Council for skill development program in the automotive sector.

Being offered in all Tata Motors plants in India, it will allow the company to significantly increase women workers on their shop floors. An amendment to Factories Act will also make it possible for women to work night shifts.

via livemint