Tata Motors to restructure management – Reveals new mission, vision and values

Tata Motors is planning a new structuring strategy to shrink its white collar workforce from 14 to 5 layers.

In what can be claimed to be the biggest organizational restricting in the company history, Tata Motors is going ahead with a new plan to restructure its white collar workforce from a current 14 layer to 5 layer system. This restructuring, in the company opinion, will help in cutting down time the automaker takes to react to market dynamics.

Despite the fact that this new structuring strategy might lead to some job losses, the company is going ahead with the plan with the new structure to be in place by the 1st April 2017. This new plan was initially suggested by the then Chairman Cyrus Mistry while the company is said to be going ahead with this suggestion even after his untimely exit.

Ratan Tata and Cyrus Mistry

The new structuring strategy will see two top layers of managers who will be in-charge of executing these strategies as initiated by the executive committee consisting of managing director and function and business heads. Over 100 top performers have been selected for L1 and L2 levels. This flat organizational structure is to be called Organisational Effectiveness which will totally do away with the middle management level and significantly bring down multiple reporting strategies. L3 to L5 will be finalized in the next 1 month while the new restructuring will be incorporated on the first day of the next financial year.

Consultancy firms Accenture and Roland Berger will be offering suggestions to enhance competitiveness. Tata Motors has set targets to improve performance over the next 3 years. The company has already overtaken Honda Cars India in 2016 to emerge as the 4th largest passenger vehicle company in terms of sales while targets are also set to break the top three automakers in India and three commercial vehicle makers globally over the next three years.

New Mission, Vision and Values

2016 Tata T1 Prima Racing Images
The new mission, vision, and values will be adopted by both commercial and passenger vehicle business units.

Under the leadership of its new CEO and Managing Director Guenter Butschek, Tata Motors has set itself an ambitious mid-term target. After a series of extensive discussions within the executive committee, India’s largest automaker has come up with a new mission statement, vision and values.The new mission statement reads, “We innovate mobility solutions with passion to enhance quality of life”. The company has also envisaged its growth plan for the next three financial years.

By FY 2019, Tata Motors aims to be one of the top 3 commercial vehicle makers in the global market and top 3 passenger vehicle makers in the Indian market. The company also aims to achieve sustainable financial performance in the mid-term and deliver exciting innovations.

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The core values of Tata Motors transformed business model would be integrity, teamwork, accountability, customer focus, excellence, and speed. In a video, Mr. Butschek assures that the company has a lot of exciting things coming up in the future.

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