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Tata Nano small car to offer boot space from next year: Diesel and CNG variants also in the making

Tata Motors is working on adding boot space to their small car, Nano. Tata Nano with boot space is still in the design stage, but if all goes well, it will be ready for sale by 2013. Obviously the addition of boot space will increase the price of the entire car by a bit, but still, it will be better to have a boot in the world’s smallest four seater. As far as changes made to the Nano with boot are concerned, there wont be any. Tata Motors is designing the boot space in such a way that the overall design of the car remains the same.

Apart from offering extra boot, Tata will also be offering Nano with new engine options. Tata is working on a new diesel engine for the Nano. They are also working on powering the Nano with CNG. All these, changes/upgrades on the Nano which are being worked upon, are after taking into consideration recommendations from their customers who already own a Nano and who want to buy a Nano.

Many Tata Nano owners have stated that due to the unavailability of boot space, they are confined to city driving only. But Nano is a car that offers more than just city driving. There are people who have driven Tata Nano across India, for eg 63 year old Thomas Chacko while, Swayam Sattwik Mohanty has recorded covering 1607 kms in 2 days. In order to help such adventurers and travelers  Tata is working on offering a boot space to the Nano. Tata also hopes that with the addition of models with diesel and CNG, Nano sales will increase substantially.

In the image above, which is from Thomas Chaco’s album when he did a cross country in a Nano, one can clearly see that due to the lack of boot space, the entire rear seats are filled with luggage. During long trips, it is important to have a boot.

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