In Tata Nano we trust

Strawberry festival vehicles (4)Brand Trust Report, India Study – 2013 Trust Research Advisory (TRA), is a leading research agency that released this report and which took into account 1100 most trusted brands from a total of 211 categories of 19,000 brands in the study.

Tata Nano was declared a winner and has had a makeover this year and is being presented in full plume and awesomeness to also appeal to a younger and fun loving segment of society. The report has recognized Tata Nano as India’s Most Attractive Brand in the Hatchback category.

This compact and Jelly Bean shaped mini car didn’t quite hit the right notes, and harping on its cheapest price tag led to its downfall. However, repositioning of brand Nano is being backed by strong marketing strategy which will help in building better customer contact. The Nano may also be launched with power steering during the coming year, as part of the company’s repositioning strategies, which will surely help the Nano see enhance sales.

Ms. Delna Avari, Head- Marketing Communications, Passenger Vehicles, Tata Motors said, “We are honored to be recognized as India’s most attractive and most trusted Brand by Trust Research Advisory. These awards demonstrate how customers recognize the tremendous quality and value, reflecting the incredible competitive strength of the brand Nano. We had introduced additional features in the Nano, keeping our customers central in the product development phases. Repositioning the brand Nano, backed by a strong go-to-market strategy and great communication campaign has further helped us build the consumer connect. This eventually led to building ‘Trust’ which is significant for us. This recognition makes us believe that we are on the right track of providing value to our consumers. ”