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Tata Nano driver didn’t want to pay toll, drags guard on windscreen

CCTV visuals reveal a rebelling car driver dragging a toll plaza employee at the Godhra-Vadodara toll plaza for over half a kilometer.

It was all for the sake of INR 60 toll tax that an innocent toll plaza employee was subject to danger, humiliation and was at the mercy of yet another arrogant car driver.

Just a day after we reported about BJP’s Bharatpur MP Bahadur Singh Koli and his men being caught on CCTV causing mayhem at the toll plaza in Bharatpur district, comes this incident from the Godhra-Vadodhara toll plaza.

CCTV footage of the incident reveals how the car driver continued for over half a kilometer with the hapless toll plaza employee hanging on for dear life to the bonnet of his vehicle. The fault of the employee only lay in doing his duty and demanding toll tax to the extent of INR 60 which is mandatory by law and prevalent on roads all across the country. The episode has been flashed across TV news networks showing the plight and dangerous situation of the toll plaza employee.

Instances of violence at toll plazas are increasing by the day. In May 2016 Dhan Singh, a notorious gangster in Ajmer made toll plaza employees sit with their head between their knees in what is called ‘murga punishment’. The incident at the Ajmer Kota state highway plaza was also caught on CCTV while the offender was brought to book.

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  • Who hires such dimwit anchors? Alto car hai alto car hai… Damn it! that’s a Nano and I’m surprised that this peewee car could actually bear the load of the toll plaza employee on the bonnet. Either ways the driver should be booked under attempt to murder.

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