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Tata Nano arrives in the country of Marley and Bolt


Well timed ahead of the Christmas season, Joe Ferreira of Metis Motors is planning on bringing in the world’s cheapest car – Tata Nano into the Jamaican car industry. As on date, there are only two Tata Nano small car’s on the island and by end of this week this number should be increased to 10. Ferreira has announced that by December 15th first batch of Tata Nano’s will be handed over to customers, while by February 2013 the importers will be building on stocks.

Though there is some skepticism as to whether this small and compact car will be able to compete with customer’s preferences to larger and better performance vehicles in Jamaica, Ferreira is confident that the Tata Nano once introduced, will be able to capture the interest of the people of Jamaica. Tata Motors small and highly fuel efficient Tata Nano offers 26 kmpl. Ferreira is also only going to import top level Nano into the country which comes with Boss radio, more enhanced speakers and DVD player and is Bluetooth compliant.

Besides bringing in Tata Nano into Jamaica, Ferreira is also aware that he will have to cater to servicing and repair needs and hence he will also be bringing in 10% worth of parts and will be maintaining stocks while he is teaming up with various garages in the country to cater to these demands. Easy financing schemes will also be offered through some institutions.

Source: The Gleamer


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