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Tata Nano May Launch As A New Gen Electric Car – 200 Kms Range

Tata Nano was a dream project of Ratan Tata – Production started in 2008 and lasted till 2018

Tata Nano Electric Spied
File photo of Tata Nano on test

Remember Tata Nano? It was Ratan Tata’s dream to offer a car to middle-class families at the price of a two wheeler. The brainchild of Ratan Tata’s vision was launched as Tata Nano in 2008 and stayed in production till 2018, before it was axed.

Even though Tata Nano has been discontinued, it has immense brand recall. One which could be utilized by Tata Motors in the future. Now, a recent report claims that Tata Motors is reviving the Nano project back from the dead. Only this time, it will be launched in the form of an electric vehicle.

Tata Nano To Return As EV ?

As of now, Tata Motors is the No 1 electric car maker in India. When total EV sales are accounted for in the country, Tata has over 80% of market share. Currently, they offer Nexon EV, Tigor EV and Tiago EV. To maintain lead in the growing EV segment, plans are afoot to launch more electric cars in the near future.

There is a new breed of electric cars that is likely to create a lot of buzz in India. This is the micro EV segment, which is currently booming in China. For example, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is China’s highest-selling car. This is a 2 door micro electric vehicle that is perfect for city excursions and comes at a relatively affordable price point.

Electric Nano
Ratan Tata With His Electric Nano

Recently, we saw the launch of PMV electric car with 200 km of range and costs 4.79 lakh. MG is set to bring its Air EV to India as well. There might be a lot of startups jumping on this bandwagon of micro EVs. This is where Tata’s electric Nano will fit in if it does materialise. Unlike previous attempts, where Tata Motors tried to retrofit electric motor and battery in the existing Nano, this time things could be different. It is likely to be an all new car, with a modern day design – built as a Born Electric Vehicle.

Jayem Neo – Nano Electric Cab

In the past, Tata Motors’ partner Jayem Automotives, had announced an electric version of Nano under Jayem Neo brand. 400 unit order size of these were planned in 2017 to be used as city taxis for Ola Electric’s fleet operations. This project never saw the light of day.

In December 2020, Jayem Neo electric test mule spotted testing on a public road near Akurdi, Pune. Jayem Automotives had managed to cram in 17 kWh of battery in Nano’s small real estate. It promised 203 km of range from a single charge, certified by ARAI. Along with it, a top speed of 85 km/h.

Tata Motors have not officially announced the Nano EV. If it is being considered, it might be one among the 10 new EVs that Tata is planning to launch in the next five years. Earlier this year, they showcased Curvv and Avinya EV concepts.


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