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Tata Nano sales declines rate stands at 47 percent for September 2011


In the domestic car market, Tata Motors sold 27,137 units (26,319 Tata + 818 Fiat) passenger vehicles in September 2011, which equates to a 6% growth rate in a YOY comparison when 25,527 units (23,877 Tata + 1,650 Fiat) were sold in 2010 September. The 26,319 units that Tata Motors has sold, reflects a 10% sales growth for September 2011.

Tata Nano sales were recorded to be 2,936 units, which reflects a sales decline of 47% as compared to September 2010 when Tata Nano sales stood at a formidable 5,520 units. In August 2011, 1,202 Tata Nano units were sold. That equated to a decline rate of 85% as compared to August 2010.

Last month’s low sales were attributed to a two weeklong shutdown of the Sanand plant. A company spokesperson had said, “This (suspension of production) was done for maintenance and to rationalize and align inventory.” Cumulative sales of the Tata Nano stand at 29,377 units, and has declined by 21% when compared to 37,402 units until 2010 September. Despite being at an entry level price point, Nano sales haven’t been impressive. Last month they did sell more than half of what they sold the previous month, but is the sales figure feasible for Tata Motors is what needs to be seen.


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