Tata Nano saves a man trying to commit suicide, here’s how

On Monday afternoon, 32-year-old Mahesh Patel decided to end his life. He went onto the 50-foot high upper bridge of the flyover at CTM Crossroads in Ahmedabad. Being a busy road at this part of the day, the place was filled with people. But, before anyone could come to rescue, Mahesh jumped in an attempt to commit suicide.

Luckily (or unluckily, as he wanted to end his life) the attempt was not successful. The reason – he landed on a Tata Nano passing below. By falling on Tata Nano, whose roof thankfully crumpled, Mahesh managed to break his fall without getting injured.

Apart from surviving the suicide attempt, there is another problem for Mahesh. The owner of the damaged Tata Nano is claiming compensation.

Harshan Patel, a social worker at Amraiwadi was a witness to this incident. He saw the man climb onto the upper tier of the overbridge and take a leap only to land on the passing vehicle. The owner of the car has approached the Ramol Police claiming compensation for damage caused.

Whatever said and done about the Tata Nano over the years, it has done something what no other car has done till now.

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