Tata Nano to have 230 new dealerships: Currently there are 120 dedicated Nano showrooms that cater to the Indian auto market

Tata Motors looks set to inaugurate 230 showrooms dedicated to Nano small car sales through the course of the next 12 months as per company managing director, India operations, P.M. Telang. In India, the current number of exclusive Nano dealerships stands at 120. The auto market in Sri Lanka and Nepal are being tapped into for Nano exports.

The Tata Group spectrum is wide and ranges from their Tata Motors Nano to British Jaguar Land Rover luxury vehicles. At the home front, the Tata Nano budget car still hasn’t stepped up to it’s anticipated iconic status.

Ratan Tata will retire by 2012 year end having been responsible for every small and big car development from Tata Motors in India and overseas. The Tata Nano may have been the last big move the head honcho had spearheaded for India but tags like the cheapest car and budget car simply didn’t please too many sensibilities, and the growing middle class seems to have ignored the little car.

When asked, has he been disappointed with sales of the Nano, Ratan Tata had this to say, “We did experience problems with the introduction of the Nano. We had 300,000 orders at the time of the launch but had to abandon our original factory and build another because of disputes with former land owners.” “The first 100,000 cars were built at our other plants as we tried to meet the very high number of initial orders, and quality did suffer. I don’t think we were quite ready. But the basic concept still holds – we have never pushed the Nano as a poor man’s car, but as an affordable family car.” “The press has played a role in labelling it as a poor man’s car.” “Time will tell as to whether it was a gutsy or stupid thing to do – I think it will be gutsy.”