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Overtaking gone wrong, Tata Nano ends up colliding head-on with a truck

Having just picked up their new Tata Nano from the service center, a mother and son were involved in a head on accident with a loaded truck coming from the opposite direction. The red Nano was apparently trying to overtake some vehicle and crashed head-on into the oncoming truck. The Nano was seen completely battered after the accident and even as the truck driver fled from the scene, he surrendered later.

Tata Nano, which has received a zero star Global NCAP safety rating did not stand any chance against a massive truck while the two occupants both lost their lives.

The red Tata Nano was seen sporting an “L” plate though indications reveal that the 22 year old engineering student was yet to gain his driver’s license. While it is not yet confirmed as to which of the two vehicles was at fault, a clear sign of overtaking was the cause of the crash.

More than the car, it is how we drive on the road. Instead of the Nano, if there was any other car, the result would have not been very different, especially when you are colliding head-on with a truck.

Accidents on Indian roads are increasing by the day and reports suggest that India has highest number of fatalities due to road accidents. 1,40,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2015 as per figures released by the government. This number represents an increase of 4.6% over the previous year.

Even as the Government is striving to make Indian roads safer, drivers should be aware of car’s limitation. High powered cars should be driven with caution while drivers should check overtaking distance where under-powered cars are concerned.

A large percentage of drivers are not aware of when they can or cannot overtake when on the highway. Overtaking should not be resorted to when there is a turn in the road ahead while if there is a single white line, it means that overtaking is only advised if the driver has a clear view of the road ahead.

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