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Tata New CVs Launch – CNG Trucks, ADAS Prima Trucks, Driver Fatigue Monitoring

With new set of tech on offer with their CVs, Tata Motors takes a giant leap in terms of their product portfolio

Tata New Trucks Launched - Prima Front
Tata New Trucks Launched – Prima Front

Tata Motors is currently the highest-selling commercial vehicle manufacturer in the country. Its commercial portfolio includes LCVs as well as HCVs along with special purpose-built machines like a drilling rig based on Signa series of trucks. To keep its winning streak going, Tata is launching new generations of its commercial vehicles in 2022 with some design updates that will bring new life and new customers to its CV lineup.

With gear change indications, TPMS, Fleet edge connected features enabling real-time monitoring and also driver monitoring system increasing safety for trucks and also the roads, Tata has been innovating its CV lineup as well as increasing safety too. Tata is also working on alternative fuels as well.

Tata New CVs

The company unveiled K.14 Ultra, 710 SK and 610 LPK range of tippers. K.14 being the flagship of this range, gets mechanically suspended seat, electric tipping switch, and a 3.3L engine as well with 9.0X20 tyres. T.16 CX Ultra truck was also showcased with live fuel monitoring and dual fuel efficiency modes and telescopic steering adjust along with 360-degree monitoring too.

Tata also introduced all new fuel-efficient FE series comprising 912 LPT, 1012 LPT, 1212 LPT, 1412 LPT and 1512 LPT which aim at maximum fuel efficiency from its 3.3L engine. These trucks form some of the most sought after as they offer the most versatility with various load bay sizes as well as loading capacity in terms of suspension as well.

Tata New Trucks Launched - Signa 2818
Tata New Trucks Launched – Signa 1918

Next in line are CNG range of Signa series trucks comprising of LPT 1918, Signa 2818, and LPT 2818. All of these run on CNG with a new 5.7L SGI engine with 180 bhp and 650 Nm of torque and a tank range of up to 1,000 km. Tata Motors strives hard for a change in logistics and with CNG as fuel and being the early adopter, we can expect more OEMs to follow. These range of trucks offer various load bay sizes and offer 19 tonnes to 28 tonnes capacity.

Upcoming Developments

Lastly, we have Tata’s heavy lifters in the form of Signa and Prima trailer tractors (not farming tractors). The flagship Prima series of trucks also get ADAS features like lane departure warning, forward collision warning, and a lot more.

Prima series also gets the best interiors of the lot as it is Tata’s flagship. It gets two digital displays and these upgraded cabins will ensure a fatigue-free experience for drivers and aid growth in logistics field. With innovative features like driver fatigue monitoring, Tata is striving hard for driver’s safety, goods’ safety, road safety and everyone else present on that road as well.

Tata New Trucks Launched - CNG Engine
Tata New Trucks Launched – CNG Engine

Also, Tata disclosed that it is working towards electrification, ethanol blended fuel starting from April 2023 and also in hydrogen fuel cell technology. Tata Motors aims for zero emissions and sustainability by 2045. These products displayed by Tata are for India only and will be offered in international markets as well in the near future.

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