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Tata Nexon EV Delivered With Do Not Dispatch Tag – Issue Resolved Update

In a relief to the Nexon EV owner, the “Do Not Dispatch” tag issue has been resolved by the dealer and Tata Motors

Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue
Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue

A few days back, an owner of a brand new Nexon EV had posted their complaint on Twitter. It relates to a tag found inside the bonnet that read “Major Problem Do Not Dispatch”. The Nexon EV owner was quite shocked, as it was felt that a defective car had been delivered.

Following up on the complaint, the Nexon EV owner has now provided an update. They have said that the issue has been resolved. They are satisfied with the response and solution provided by the dealer and Tata Motors. The owner says that they have a “long association with the company and hope to continue the same with Nexon EV”.

Do not dispatch tag issue

According to the owner, the car was purchased on January 14th, 2023. They had noticed the “do not dispatch” tag around a week later. The date mentioned on the tag is 21st December, 2022. In the title, the tag reads “For Rework”, whereas the description section mentions “major problem do not dispatch”.

The tag also has a signature. However, other information such as part number, details of the issue, etc. are not mentioned on the tag. While such tags may be routine for quality control teams, it can be scary if it makes it to the end user.

Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue
Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue

Lack of details in the tag further complicates the situation, as one is not sure what exactly is wrong with the car. Most people would likely avoid driving the car if they found a similar tag inside the bonnet. Various scenarios come into mind such as the brakes failing, powertrain issue, or even a problem with the battery pack that can lead to fire.

As the car was working fine and the tag controversy was resolved in quick time, it is likely that the tag was just left there by mistake. After the rework, it is possible that the concerned technician just forgot to remove the tag. But even then, it is surprising that such a development has taken place. It is apparent that even technicians at the dealership did not notice the tag. Hope Tata Motors has done their homework to ensure that such things do not happen again.

Need for thorough PDI

This case yet again demonstrates the need to carry out a thorough PDI before taking delivery. Trust in a brand often prompts people to avoid getting into the details. But there could be issues at the dealer lever, so it is better to do the PDI properly. Had the Nexon EV owner done a detailed PDI, they could have spotted the tag before delivery.

Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue
Tata Nexon EV Do Not Dispatch Issue – Resolved

Overall, it’s good to know that the issue has been resolved in the shortest possible time. OEMs and dealers need to be more careful and carry out multiple checks to avoid such awkward situations.

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