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Tata Nexon EV Motor Cover Removed From Select Variants

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, an E-motor cover also provides protection against the elements

Tata Nexon EV e-motor top cover discontinued from select variants
Tata Nexon EV e-motor top cover discontinued from select variants

An engine cover or e-motor cover in case of EVs, is a standard feature among premium cars, which helps tidy up the innards. It is usually made of plastic, metal or hybrid materials. The one on Tata Nexon EV looks sturdy and seems to add a layer of protection for the e-drive and other components.

While an official statement has not been made, the top cover has been removed for select variants of Tata Nexon EV. The exact reasons for the move are not clear, but it is likely to be a cost cutting initiative. That’s because the top cover will still be available as an accessory at Tata dealerships.

Nexon EV variants with no e-drive top cover

E-drive top cover has been discontinued for Nexon EV XM, XZ+ Jet, XZ+ and XZ+ Dark Edition. It will continue to be available with XZ+ Lux and XZ+ Lux Dark. Also, there will be no changes in Nexon EV Max variant. As the e-drive top cover is a boltable unit, it can still be purchased as an accessory.

Availability of e-drive top cover or the lack of it may not matter to many people. This is especially true in case the move is just a cost cutting exercise. However, folks who are more aesthetically evolved are likely to pay the additional amount for the e-drive top cover.

Tata Nexon EV e-motor top cover discontinued from select variants
Tata Nexon EV e-motor top cover discontinued from select variants

This change doesn’t seem to be related to any safety aspects, since the e-drive top cover will continue to be offered as an accessory and as a standard feature with top-spec variants. Dealerships have been asked to keep the company in loop in case of any feedback received from customers regarding the discontinuation of e-drive top cover for select variants of Nexon EV.

Impact of e-drive top cover discontinuation

Visually, Nexon EV looks a lot better under the hood with the e-drive top cover. Without it, the space looks like a jumbled mess. Apart from aesthetics, the functional aspects of engine top cover also need to be considered. Tata is likely to have tested Nexon EV without the e-drive top cover before taking the decision to discontinue it for select variants. The fact that it was approved indicates that no major differences were noticed in terms of performance, safety and drive experience.

Top covers may be more relevant in case of ICE powertrains, wherein the engine needs protection against various fluids, dust and debris. Top cover also protects other parts that may be impacted by heat generated from the engine. It is also used for reducing sound and vibrations.

Tata Nexon EV e-motor top cover removed. Image - Nath

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