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Tata Nexon owner shows how to start car when battery of your key fob dies – Video

Keyless entry systems eradicate the need for locating keys in pockets, haversacks or handbags. However, there could be a situation when the key fob battery dies and one is unable to start the car. The accompanying video created by Tata Nexon owner shows exactly how one can start a keyless entry car even when the key fob battery dies.

A host of cars are now offered with keyless entry and start/stop setup. Keyless remotes work within a short range usually 5-20 meters. It consists of a short range radio transmitter and when a button is pushed, it sends a coded signal by radio waves to a receiver unit in the car which locks or unlocks the door.

YouTube channel Powerstroke PS demonstrates this difficulty in a video which shows off how one can gain access to a Tata Nexon keyless entry vehicle even if the key fob battery is dead. The video starts off with the demonstration of how one can normally get inside the vehicle when the battery is working.

The press of the button on the door handle of the Nexon with the key fob inside the pocket and one can gain entry into the vehicle. The YouTuber then tosses the key into a storage space and pushes down the clutch and the start/stop button and the Nexon is ready to go.

The video goes on to show us what can happen if the battery dies out. The doors of the Nexon are locked and the battery is removed from the key fob. The button on the door handle can no longer recognize the key and hence refuses to open. This is easily overcome with the use of a regular key blade that is present on the key fob. The user places the key fob near the antenna over the central console receiver setup for keyless entry and the Nexon alarm system is activated.

The YouTuber then presses down on the clutch and presses the start/stop button 3-4 times and the engine of the Tata Nexon starts up. The engine is then switched off and started up again. The clutch pedal is pressed, the start/stop button is pushed and the key fob light starts to glow on the instrument cluster. This is due to the signal from the key that takes longer to detect due to a dead battery. It should be noted here that it was on a Tata Nexon that this experiment was conducted and the results may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

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