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Tata Nexon owner spends Rs 5 lakh on modification – Here is the result

Dealer modified Nexon SRT Edition. Image for reference.

Not so long ago, extensive car modifications were mostly concentrated on hatchbacks and sedans but given the popularity of compact crossovers currently, we are not surprised that more and more high riders are going under the knife. In fact, this is not the first modified Tata Nexon we have come across. Regular readers would remember the tastefully modified example from Kerala with comprehensive performance mods.

This orange one, however, has no performance upgrades but as much as INR 5 lakhs have gone into redoing the cabin complete with a high end audio system. Executed by Coimbatore-based RM Decors, this modified Tata Nexon accommodates INR 3 lakhs work audio system.

This includes a pioneer head unit, 3-way Audison speakers at the front, 2-way Audison speakers for the rear seat occupants, a Rockford Fostage P2 sub-woofer, individual amplifiers (Hertz for speakers and JL Monoblock for the woofer), and Helix DSP 2 processor. Evidently the stock 8-speaker Harman audio system wasn’t adequate for the owner. Watch the video below by Tamil4U – Tamil Automobile Channel.

With the rest of INR 2 lakhs, folks at RM Decors went berserk with cabin appointments. For starters, the dashboard gets an outgrowth which houses two displays. It is swathed in body-colored leather but the execution could have done with a bit more finesse. More importantly, it is a serious compromise on safety since it will impede the deployment of passenger airbag in the event of a crash! The rear seat passengers also get their own entertainment displays which are mounted on the front seat head restraints.

Taking a leaf from Rolls Royce cars, the Nexon gets multiple LED ambient lights embedded on the roof. The bling doesn’t stop there. The speaker housings too receive blinking red lights that could be very distracting for the driver, especially at night.

The Tata Nexon also receives dual-tone leather upholstery, heavily contoured front seats, and leather trims for the door pads and roof liner. The massive sub-woofer and amplifier suite in the boot too get LED illumination (the boot volume has gone down significantly).

The modifications to the exterior is limited to under body lights which were popularized by the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) custom car culture. We feel that the modifications are a bit tacky and overdone but then opinions are subjective. Would you spend INR 5 lakhs sprucing up the interior of your Nexon?

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