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Tata Nexon owner gets 26 kmpl from his petrol SUV – Explains how he got this impressive MILEAGE

A Doctor by profession, Spandan Chhotai bought a brand new Tata Nexon petrol back in April 2018. Happy with the performance of the car, he has now shared an interesting update in the Tata Nexon owners group. Believe it or not, he has managed to get more than 26 kmpl mileage from his petrol SUV.

Mileage claimed by the company is 17.88 kmpl. So how did Spandan manage to get such an impressive mileage from his car? This is what he has to say – “Get Maximum mileage for Nexon Petrol”. By personal experience, I have discovered how to get the best mileage (upto 26 Km/L) on highway:


While picking up from speed 0, keep the car in city/sports mode and reach to the 6th gear as soon as possible. (Don’t exceed 2000 rpm in any gear).


After reaching 70Km/h +, turn the ECO mode on and maintain the speed in between “ 73-77Km/h ” throughout your trip.

[I have checked the mileage for many different speeds and discovered that 73-77Km/h (6th gear & eco mode) is the most economical speed for my nexon petrol].


While cruising, Keep obeserving the INST FE in your MID. It is directly related to the pressure applied on the lever pad by you. Try to apply minimum possible pressure to maintain the above speed. (Lesser the pressure-Higher the INST FE-Higher the Mileage.)
By practising, I’m able to maintain the INST FE to 9-10 points (Half+2~3 points), which is maximum possible INST FE to maintain the above speed.


(1) Use ECO mode only while “maintaining” the above/desired speed. DO NOT use ECO mode while speeding up.
(2) Keep the AC on ONLY IF NEEDED. Or else, keep the window “slightly” open. (Max 25%)
(3) This post is ONLY for the guyz who are willing to take the best mileage from their nexonP. Not for speed enthusiastics.

PS: I have attached some photos as evident. Check the caption for each of them.

84Km mild AC + 68Km NonAC.
(ECO mode; clear highway)
Fully in ECO mode. AC off. Clear Highway. Constant 73-77Km/h. Windows 5% open.
Rajkot to Ahmedabad highway.
68 Km NonAC + 84Km mild AC + 52Km moderate AC & moderate traffic.
(90% ECO mode)
Dwarka Trip:
•1st 225 Km: Rajkot-Dwarka highway. NonAC. 90% ECO mode.
•75Km: Into the cities: CITY+SPORTS mode. Fully AC. (Dwarka, Okha, Bet Dwarka, Nageshwar jyotirling.)
•225 Km: Dwarka-Rajkot highway. AC-NonAC 50-50%. 90% ECO mode.
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