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Tata Nexon XM gets LED headlight, Tesla-like touchscreen – At Rs 40k

Owner of pre-facelift Tata Nexon XM variant has given his car some interesting modifications

One of the popular cars in sub-compact SUV space, Tata Nexon is known for its good looks. However, as the saying goes, there’s always room for improvement. With that in mind, a Nexon owner from Nashik has recently got his car updated from a Mumbai-based car modifier – Rohit Mehta Sai Auto Accessories.

Exterior Modifications

The Nexon owner’s efforts seem to have paid off, as the modified car looks much better than the stock version. Starting with the exteriors, Nexon gets projector LED headlamps and fog lamps, chrome door handles, dual-tone roof rails and piano black shark fin antenna.

Tata Nexon 16 inch wheel cover to give alloys like look
Tata Nexon 16 inch wheel cover to give alloys like look

Another key highlight is the diamond wheel caps in alloy wheel design that enhance the car’s sporty profile. This option is also cost-effective, as using standard diamond-cut alloy wheels would have cost around 30-40k. The diamond wheel caps are available at a fraction of that cost. The overall effect is the same if not better than standard alloy wheels.

Interior Modifications

On the inside, Nexon gets a range of branded after-market accessories. Key additions include sporty floor mat in honeycomb design with button lock feature, premium seat cover with black and silver finishing, and steering wheel cover with cross stitch pattern. All these accessories have significantly enhanced the premiumness of the car and are also functionally relevant.

Tesla-like Touchscreen

The main highlight of this customization project is the 8-inch Tesla-like touchscreen that has been added in place of the 7-inch stock unit. In addition to the large size screen, the system offers a range of features to enhance overall drive experience. For example, the touchscreen system is equipped with direct mirror casting. This allows the user’s smartphone screen to be displayed on the 8-inch touchscreen. Another notable feature is split screen, which allows two apps to be opened simultaneously on the screen. Watch full details in the video below.

From a navigation perspective, the touchscreen system is equipped with Waze GPS navigation app as well as Google Maps. In terms of safety, the screen can display the feed from the rear camera with better clarity and with red, yellow, and green backing guidelines. Steering controls are displayed on the screen and a dedicated equalizer has been provided to adjust the sound of the stock speaker system.

The entire touchscreen unit fits snugly on the central console without any gaps or loose ends. The only potential problem it could have is that it could obstruct some of the view. However, the Nexon owner does not seem to have any such issues.

Cost of Modification

Overall cost of this modification project is around Rs 40k. The car modifier said that several other upgrade options are available for Nexon such as DRLs, reflector lights, diffuser, piano black accents, etc. Anyone wanting to upgrade their Nexon or any other car can contact the modifier on their WhatsApp number.

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