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Tata Nexon, Tiago, Tigor New Price List Aug 2021 – Up To Rs 13.5k Hike

Tata Nexon
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Price revision for Tata Nexon diesel and petrol cars at just over 1 percent from August 2021

Following a price revision, the range of Tata Nexon cars is now costlier at an average price of just over a percent. New prices are for those customers who get billed after 31st Aug. If you are getting billed for your Tata car on or before 31st Aug, you will be charged the older prices. This is the price protection plan from Tata Motors.

Tata Nexon Aug 2021 Price List

Nexon diesel XE is 9 grands costlier at Rs 8,58,900 lakhs. XM diesel costs 2.5k more at Rs 9,51,400. XM(S) diesel price is unchanged at just under 10 lakhs. XZ price is up 11.5k at Rs 11,35,400. XZ+ and XZ+ DT price is up by 6.5 k at Rs 11,35,400, and Rs 11,52,400 respectively.

XZ+ diesel variants are costlier by 11.5k. This takes the entry XZ+ S variant list price to just over Rs 12 lakhs. XMA diesel price is up by 4.5k at Rs 10,13,400. XMA (S) price is revised by 3 grands, up at Rs 10,63,900. XZA+ and XZA+ DT diesel both are costlier by 8.5 grands at Rs 11,97,400, and Rs 12,14,400, respectively.

XZA+ DT(O) commands the steepest price revision at 2.16 percent. This equates to 28k and takes the new ex-sh price to Rs 13,23,900. XZA+ and XZA+ DT price revision stands at 8.5k. The remainder of Nexon XZA+ diesel variants are now pricier by Rs 13,500.

Tata Nexon Petrol Price List Aug 2021
Tata Nexon Petrol Price List Aug 2021

Nexon XE petrol too is pricier by 9 grands. New ex sh price is listed at Rs 7,28,900. XM and XZ petrol cost 11.5k more. XM (S) costs 13.5k more. Nexon XZ+ petrol is listed at just below Rs 10, lakhs, and XZ+ DT is listed at just below Rs 10.20 lakhs.

Tata Nexon Diesel Price List Aug 2021
Tata Nexon Diesel Price List Aug 2021

Similar to the diesel XZ+ range, petrol variants too see a price increase of Rs 11.5k. Nexon XZA+ and XZA+ DT both are costlier by Rs 8,500. Nexon XMA and XMA (S) petrol cost 13.5k more, as does the rest of the XZA+ range.

Tata Tiago and Tigor price hike

Tiago XE MT petrol price is unchanged at Rs 4,99,900 lakhs. XT MT is costlier by 7 grands at Rs 5,69,900. XZ MT price hike is the least of all Tiago variants at 1,100 bucks. The vehicle bow costs Rs 6.09 lakhs. XZ+ is pricier by 4k at Rs 6,37,900, and XZ+ DT MT is pricier by 6 grands at Rs 6,49,900.

Tata Tiago and Tigor Price List Aug 2021

Tiago XTA petrol AMT costs 10 grands more at Rs 6,24,900. Tiago XZA AMT costs 5k more at Rs 6,64,900. XZA+ AMT price hike stands at 7 grands at Rs 6,92,900, and XZA+ DT is costlier by 9 grands at Rs 7,04,900.

Tata Tigor XE, XM, XZ, and XZ+ petrol are all costlier by Rs 5,000 at Rs 5,64,900, Rs 6,24,900, Rs 6,65,900, and Rs 7,26,900, respectively. Tigor XMA petrol and XZA+ are pricier by Rs 8,000 at Rs 6,79,900, and Rs 7,81,900, respectively.

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