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Tata Nexon Tri Arrow Grille Design Replaced With Bi Arrow

Tata Motors has discontinued the Tri-Arrow grille design from the Nexon crossover

If you closely look at all Tata Motors marketing and branding material, the front grille always houses the white tri-arrow theme. This has now been changed to bi-arrow on the main website. No reason has been given for this change. As per dealers, they have received a notification from Tata Motors, stating that the tri-arrow design has been discontinued, and has been replaced by a new bi-arrow design.

Tri-Arrow to Bi-Arrow

For the longest time, a non-mainstream discussion around the prominently displayed Tata Nexon front grille design has drawn comparisons to the Mercedes-Benz logo. Only, Tata Motors chose not to encircle their tri-arrow display. That of course is for obvious reasons. So, while it was new, it’s not novel, and the design elements remain much too close to similar to Mercedes-Benz’ 3 pointed star, logo though more minimalist with reliance of flat lines, and not a 3-D angular approach.

Now, that’s set to change. The front still focuses on seven elements, only now instead of a tri-angled design, changes incorporated introduced a bi-angled wide V, much like an arrow fletching. The central element points upward, and maintains symmetry with 3 elements on the left and right, all of which face outward.

Tata Nexon Bi-Arrow Grille Design
Tata Nexon Bi-Arrow Grille Design Replaces The Tri-Arrow Grille Design

Variants affected

As is a clever ploy by manufacturers, cars get more feature laden as one starts considering the higher-end variants. If you were in the market for a base variant Tata Nexon, you’ll be faced with a car devoid of the aforementioned design elements on the front grille. Variants XZ+ and above were the ones which got the tri-arrow design element. It is these variants which will now get the bi-arrow design instead.

Currently there are 36 Tata Nexon variants available. Sales breakdown often points to the utter dismissal of a base variant as a purchase option. In most cases job of the base model is to offer an attractive entry price point.

While the front design looks prominent owing to its white highlight and reflective effect, the design is used in many other elements of the car, but isn’t an exact imprint. As such, those prints that are closer to a Goyard pattern aren’t likely to be revised.

What about Nexon EV

Tata Nexon EV to uses the same design element but has them painted in a prominent green. For now, official website of Nexon EV still shows Nexon with tri-arrow design. With the changes introduced, expect all of Tata Motors multi-platform branding and ads too to be revised.

New bi-arrow themed Nexon’s will soon arrive at dealerships. Talking about sales, in August 2020, Nexon sales breached the 5k sales mark. And even in its sans a design angle guise, the manufacturer would have much hopes pinned to its sales performance during the ongoing festive season. All the more tough now with the introduction of Kia Sonet in the segment for which 25k bookings have already been announced in the domestic market.

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