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Tata Motors reveals most powerful made-in-India 1,000 hp truck

Tata Motors has showcased an all-new powerful 1000 bhp T1 PRIMA race truck today. Powered by a 12 litre turbo diesel engine offering 1,040PS and 3,500Nm, this truck will not be participating in the T1 Prima Racing Championship tomorrow. It was only showcased today in front of fans and media.

The power and performance of the engine is capable of tackling the stress and strains of high temperatures and pressures that a race truck is subjected to on the track.

This powerful ‘Made in India’ truck is built on the same lines as global race trucks that compete in similar events in US and Europe under FIA. The truck is capable of acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph in less than 10 seconds while its engine is mated to a new ZF 16 speed gearbox with hydraulic assisted gear shifting.

Engine cooling is via vertically and inclined radiator with 2 cooling fans positioned in a closed duct while added nozzles for water spray are situated on radiator and intercooler. The fastest race truck developed by Tata Motors finds its engine mounted at the center of the chassis, thus offering equitable weight distribution over axles while its chassis itself is a box type frame made with 2 cross members and reinforced to offer better rigidity.

The cabin, which is a day cab fitted with roll cage, gets reclining seating a detachable steering wheel fitted with 20 degree castor angle allowing for enhanced steering while also enabling better self centring at corners.

Season 4 of Tata T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship is being organized along with British Truck Racing Association. It will be for the first time that drivers from European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) will be participating with 6 drivers from ETRC and 6 drivers from British Truck Racing Championship in the Pro Class.

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