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Tata Prima Truck ADAS System Helps Avoid Accident – TVC

Tata Motors demonstrates Collision Mitigation System on a Prima truck via new TVC

Tata Truck ADAS System Helps Avoid Accident
Tata Truck ADAS System Helps Avoid Accident

Tata Motors is the No 3 car maker in passenger vehicle sales. But it has been the undisputed champ in commercial vehicle sales for a long time. January 2023 was no exception with 31,847 units sold and holding close to 40% of the commercial vehicle market share.

Tata Motors has an extensive lineup of CVs in the domestic market ranging from LCVs to HCVs. In September 2022, we saw Tata Motors revamp its CV lineup introducing a slew of new tech including TPMS, driver monitoring, ADAS capable of AEB and more. The collision mitigation system is now demonstrated in an advert with a facelifted Prima truck. Let’s take a look.

Tata Prima Truck ADAS System

Prima series of trucks is one of the most popular in Tata’s HCV range. Other popular series are Signa and Ultra. Prima series was recently facelifted and showcased at 2023 Auto Expo as well. They are powered by a 6.7L Cummins diesel engine developing 300 bhp of power and 1,100 Nm of torque.

Tata Motors has dropped a series of new adverts showing Prima facelift’s new capabilities. One of which is a collision mitigation system. In the video, we can see a Tata Prima LX driver and helper indulging in a conversation with each other. Both of them have their attention diverted and are about to hit a stand-still truck.

But the ADAS enabled collision mitigation system prevents this by continuously scanning the road ahead and applying brakes at its discretion without any driver inputs. This is a real-life scenario and is a cause of many accidents. Drivers get distracted and accidents happen.

Another system Tata demonstrated in one of its adverts is lane departure warning. This beeps and alerts drivers when this system senses that the vehicle is moving away from its lane. Driver’s tiredness is one of the main contributing factors to road hazards too. Hence, Tata’s hauling trucks and tractors come with mechanically suspended seats and suspended cabs, reducing driver fatigue.

Connected Tech

With the new range of Tata Motors trucks, the company has strived to increase ease of operations for both drivers and owners. This is done via Fleet Edge smartphone app connected to the truck. It divulges crucial info to fleet owners to monitor every little parameter of their assets.

These parameters include fuel efficiency, trip management, truck health, safe parking zone, route planning and more. It gives granular info to fleet owners and truck drivers. Add to it, TPMS, the truck’s parameters will be optimally monitored by both fleet owners and truck drivers.

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