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Igniting Impatience: Tata Punch Fire Incident, Frustration, and the Elusive Reasoning

Tata Punch catches fire
Tata Punch catches fire

What Caused the Tata Punch Car Fire Near Bulandshahr? Well, it seems no one knows

In a distressing incident that unfolded on the 20th of May 2023, a Tata Punch with registration number UP14EY9077 caught fire near Bulandshahr. The vehicle, purchased from Tata Sab Motors Ghaziabad on the 15th of January 2022, had been diligently serviced at authorised Tata Motors service centres and had accumulated a mileage of 23,000 kilometres.

However, the cause of the fire remains unknown, and the car owner’s attempts to seek clarification and resolution have been met with silence. This unfortunate event has raised concerns regarding the warranty coverage, and the responsiveness of Tata Motors’ customer service.

Tata Punch catches fire
Tata Punch catches fire

Playing by the Rules: A Tale of a Tata Punch, No Aftermarket Fitments/Accessories

One notable highlight of the Tata Punch Fire Incident is that the car owner explicitly mentions that no aftermarket fitments were installed in the vehicle. This detail holds significant importance as it emphasizes the adherence to the original manufacturer’s specifications and ensures that the car’s safety features and integrity remain intact.

The absence of any modifications or additions further underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire. This emphasis on the absence of aftermarket fitments highlights the car owner’s commitment to maintaining the vehicle’s original design and serves as a crucial factor in understanding the overall circumstances surrounding the unfortunate fire incident, which affected only the engine bay area.

Silence is Not Golden: The Agonising Five-Day Quest for Answers in Tata Punch Fire

“Hello, I (Shivam Jawla) am the owner of the Car and purchased it on 15th Jan 2022 from Tata Sab Motors Ghaziabad. It has been driven 23000 Kms and never serviced out of Tata Motors. 3 services done till now. No aftermarket fitments either. My Tata Punch (UP14EY9077) caught fire on 20th May 2023 afternoon near Bulandshahr while my Father Mr Upendra Kumar was driving it.

Tata Punch catches fire
Tata Punch catches fire

It was being driven on average speed. The road side assistance dropped the vehicle to Aligarh Tata Mascot Motors later in the day. Its been 5 days already and I have not got any communication and details on the reason for the fire. The fuel tank was replaced a few days back by Tata Motors. The fuel tank got a leakage as it got bumped into something while parking on a slope.”

Car fire and Insurance: The Clash between Warranty and Claim Settlement

“I have also tweeted on the official handle of the Tata Motors but got no active response. The Mascot motors is said to fix it by claiming insurance settlement. My question is why it cannot be fixed under the warranty? The car is lying at the dealership right now.”

It is imperative for automobile manufacturers to prioritise effective customer service, transparent communication, and comprehensive warranty coverage. The lack of prompt and transparent communication leaves the car owner feeling neglected. 

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