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Tata replaces Nexon of customer after it was found that dealer sold a refurbished car

When Harender Bhardwaj, a gym instructor from Rewari, Haryana decided to purchase a brand new Tata Nexon XE, little did he know that a company authorized dealer would sell him a defective piece.

The accompanying video shows off how Bharadwaj noted several defects in the Nexon and how the dealership had to replace this defective Nexon with a new unit absolutely free of cost.

On taking possession of the Tata Nexon from Tata Motors company dealership, Bhardwaj was in for a shock. He noted that it was actually a refurbished unit that was delivered to him. He immediately filed a complaint with Tata Motors and the dealer was made to replace this defective model with a brand new unit free of cost.

Bhardwaj noted that the left hand side rear fender of the Nexon was repainted. The quality of the paint also was so poor that it could be scratched off with a fingernail. There was a crack in the panel and the dealer tried to mask this with a sealer and fresh coat of paint. The paint was of a slightly different color as compared to the original. The rear door too had a crack and the bumper was mis-aligned.

The Tata Nexon could have probably suffered some damage at the company dealership and rather than bear losses, the dealer decided to sell off this model to the hapless buyer. A quick complaint with the company and Tata Motors swung into action making the dealer replace the Tata Nexon with a brand new model.

This incident and many like it should put buyers on the defensive when taking delivery of a new car. They should inspect the car properly prior to signing any documents of purchase. Pre-delivery inspection should be resorted to the odometer should not have completed more than 100 kms.

Exterior and interior should be thoroughly checked in proper lighting which could highlight scratches, dents and paint changes. Tyres should be checked to make sure they are new and VIN, Chassis and Engine numbers should also be tallied. Engine oil and coolant levels should also be looked into along with battery and serial number. Lastly, lights, horn and other electrical should be in perfect working condition.

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