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Tata Safari Ads Over The Years – Were These The Best Car Ads?

Tata Safari
Tata Safari

Some brands are known for their interesting, thought-provoking ads and Tata Safari certainly qualifies to be in that list

Just like the Safari SUV, its ads have been hugely popular among people. While the catchphrase ‘reclaim your life’ and ‘4X4’ appear to be the primary theme of Safari ads, the script is amazingly unique for each ad. If there was a list of the best ads ever created in the country, some of Tata Safari ads have a high probability of making it to the top 10.

Over the years, Tata Safari ads have focused on highlighting various beneficial aspects of the SUV. In one of the ads, we can see that the focus is primarily on the affordable pricing of the SUV. The price tag reads “Tata Safari LX – Rs 7.53 Lakhs”, which is followed by the caption “Better Believe It”.

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In other ads, we see that the focus is on encouraging the audience to explore the great outdoors. And the vehicle of choice would obviously be Tata Safari. True to its name, Tata Safari has been designed to take on any terrain. All Tata Safari models were equipped with powerful engines that can work well in both city and off-road conditions. These ads were primarily targeted at professionals working in an office environment. The core message was to follow one’s dreams and not to postpone your favourite plans for some other time.

Tata Safari TVC – 2002 to 2009

Some ads connect with the audience at a deeper level. For instance, the ad with the caption, “the only lines that matter are the ones you make” is among the most memorable Safari ads. It stimulates our sense of individuality and encourages us to do the things we like.

There are some Tata Safari ads that are specifically targeted at the young audience. The theme of clubbing and pop culture is clearly evident in these ads. With its attractive design and rugged performance, Tata Safari was quite popular among the youth.

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Tata Safari has been in service for two decades and it was expected that it will be discontinued. Tata Safari Storme production was stopped in November 2019 and dealerships were not taking new bookings. With new products such as Harrier and upcoming Gravitas and Blackbird, it did not make sense to continue Safari.

However, people were in for a surprise when the company showcased Hexa Safari BS6 Concept at 2020 Auto Expo. The concept model is essentially an extension of two popular SUV brands, Hexa and Safari. It has been officially confirmed that Hexa BS6 will be launched in the next fiscal.

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