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Tata Safari Storme in Army green livery spied along with Sumo Gold & Aria

Tata Safari Storme Spy Shot-3 side - fuel tank accessory

A fleet of SUVs from Tata’s shed was spotted testing near their plant in Pune. The march was headed by an Aria, followed by two Safari Storme SUVs, then a Sumo Gold and closed by another Aria. But only the first Safari looked significant as it had an auxiliary fuel tank fastened near the fuel lid. Is this a test for a new accessory for hardcore off-roaders? If so, will it be launched for regular customers at Tata outlets or will it be exclusive for the military?

Tata Safari Storme Spy Shot-3 side - fuel tank accessoryRecently, a Facebook user shared spy pictures of Safari Storme (possible facelift) testing in Nilgiri Mountains on an extremely steep route between Ooty and Masanagudi. That vehicle did not carry such an extra fitted fuel tank. So it probably featured an up-tuned engine for test in the mighty ghat.

Speaking of up-tuned engine, Tata gave Aria a facelift recently with slightly amped up power. It got improved max. power from 140 PS to 150 PS, maintaining same peak torque of 320 Nm. Since similar 2.2 litre VariCOR engine is shared by Safari Storme, it would be meaningful to pass on the tweak update from new Aria to Storme as well.

Tata Safari Storme Spy Shot-2 rear - fuel tank accessoryComing back to the discovery in hand, it looks as if the Safari in both pictures are not related. Either way, we expect Tata to launch an updated Safari Storme in coming months.

Facelifted Aria features HARMAN sound system, new navigation system, dual Air-Conditioning with climate control, smarter 4×4 drive system, cruise control option, automatic headlights, black bezel headlamps, clear-lens tail lamps, rain sensing wipers, and new decals. Such features can also be expected to make way into the anticipated new Storme.


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