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Tata Sliq, Curvv Names Registered – Upcoming Electric SUV?

Tata Motors has charted an aggressive EV strategy with plans to introduce 10 new electric cars over the next five years

Tata SliQ Electric SUV Render
Tata SliQ Electric SUV Render

One of the early entrants in EV space, Tata Motors currently dominates the volumes game with its Nexon EV. In the next stage of evolution, the company is looking to develop thoroughbred EVs that will have better capabilities against emerging rivals. These new Tata EVs will be based on an entirely new platform, distinct from its ALFA and OMEGA architectures.

Tata new electric SUV concept

As compared to its existing cars, the new electric SUV concept from Tata will have distinctive styling. Body panelling is expected to be a lot sharper and geometrically pronounced. Overall, the SUV will have a futuristic look and feel and aerodynamic proportions.

One of the key features is a thin strip of LED DRL that runs across the entire front fascia. Tringle-shaped headlight housing is another eye catchy highlight of Tata’s new electric SUV concept. It remains to be seen what all features make it to production stage.

Tata CURVV and Tata SLIQ

While there is no official word from the company about the name of its upcoming electric SUV concept, some possibilities like ‘Sliq’ & ‘Curvv’ can be considered. These names were recently trademarked by Tata Motors. They appear to resonate with the core philosophy wherein the new electric SUV concept seeks to go beyond the ordinary and explore the unknown.

Tata CURVV and SLIQ names registered
Tata CURVV and SLIQ names registered – For upcoming electric SUV?

New generation of electric vehicles from Tata will help the company maintain its lead in EV space. As of now, Tata Nexon EV commands market share of more than 60%. Even Nexon EV is expected to get an updated version that will have a larger battery pack, offering a longer range.

Tata CURVV Electric SUV Render
Tata CURVV Electric SUV Render

In its current format, Nexon EV utilizes a 30.2 kWh battery pack. It has certified range of 312 km. Updated Nexon EV will have a 40 kWh battery pack that will be able to travel around 400 km on a full charge. It will have higher pricing than existing Nexon EV.

Upcoming Tata Electric SUV Teaser

Next generation EVs from Tata Motors can be expected to offer higher range as compared to Nexon EV and Tigor EV. They are also likely to be better equipped in terms of features and creature comforts. Things like autonomous driving technology and other hi-tech features could be under development. Tata also has the Nexon EV Coupe in the making.

New Tata Electric SUV debut on 6th April 2022
New Tata Electric SUV debut on 6th April 2022

While it currently has the edge, Tata Motors will have to work harder in coming years to maintain its lead position in EV space. A number of new electric vehicles are expected to be launched this year and beyond.

New, more affordable products from carmakers like Hyundai, MG Motor and Mahindra can create challenges for Tata Motors. It will be interesting to see how this space evolves over the next decade.

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