Tata Motors receives patent for new start-stop system

Tata Motors receives patent for new start-stop system

Tata Motors has received a patent for its new invention, the engine start-stop system for manual transmission vehicles. Yes, we can hear you ask, “Isn’t start-stop technology a very common feature in modern automobiles?” Tata’s invention differs from other start-stop systems for manual transmission vehicles in the way that it shuts down the engine even if the clutch is depressed and the gear lever not in neutral position.

The Tata Motors start-stop system takes into account the behaviour of drivers from India and other Asian countries. This demographic of drivers usually prefer to wait in stop-go traffic or at a signal with their foot depressing both clutch and brake levers, with the first gear engaged. Usual start-stop systems (like Mahindra’s MicroHybrid system) will shut off the engine only when the gear lever is in neutral position and the clutch engaged.

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The start-stop system would be introduced in existing and upcoming Tata cars in due course.

Given this usage pattern, the Tata Motors start-stop system would be more effective in enhancing the fuel efficiency. The system comprises an electronic controller as well as engine on-off actuators which act as per the signal from the controller. The system will keep the engine on as long as the crank speed is higher than the idling rpm.

The controller is capable of receiving both digital and analog inputs such as battery voltage, crank position, clutch and brake pedal positions, gear level position and throttle position. The inputs will then be stored in a memory block before the relevant signal is relayed to the engine on-off actuators.

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Tata Motors is planning to rely heavily on innovative technologies to scale back the lost ground in the domestic markets.

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We can expect Tata Motors to introduce the new start-stop system in its existing and upcoming cars in the foreseeable future.

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