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Tata Styzor, Bovita, Auroar, Xiomara Names Registered – New Electric Cars?

Tata Motors is currently the No 1 electric vehicle manufacturer in the passenger car segment – And they want it to remain this way in the future too

Tata Electric Car
Tata Curvv Production Spec – Render

Though some car manufacturers are still in two minds about the future being electric, not Tata Motors. India’s leading electric car maker already has great plans for the future, and they are all electric. They gave us a glimpse last month of what is in store.

April 2022 saw Tata Motors unveil two electric car concepts. First being Curvv and the second being Avinya. Of the two, it is Curvv which is closer to production. Launch of Tata Curvv electric is expected in 2024, while that of Avinya is expected in 2025.

More Tata Electric Cars Incoming

Tata Motors has been busy filing new names. Though not all that is trademarked gets launched or is showcased as a concept, some do. For example, a few days before the unveiling of Curvv, Tata Motors had filed a trademark for the name. Along with Curvv, they had also filed Sliq. But we are yet to hear anything about Tata Sliq.

Now, the latest update from trademark filings is that Tata Motors has filed 4 new names. These are – Tata Styzor, Tata Bovita, Tata Auroar and Tata Xiomara. These names were filed by Tata Motors Passenger Vehicle division. It is highly likely that these are the names of their upcoming electric cars.

Tata Electric Cars - Bovita, Auroar, Xiomara, Styzor
Tata Motors Registers 4 New Names – Xiomara, Styzor, Bovita and Auroar

Tata Motors Electric Cars Plan

It is anybody’s guess what these new Tata car names could become in the future. What we do know is that Curvv will become the first car from Tata Motors to be launched with an electric powertrain first. Until now, Tata Motors launched the petrol / diesel ICE option first, and then modified these to get fitted with electric motor and battery. We saw this happen with Nexon as well as Tigor.

That will not be the case with Curvv. It has been designed from the ground up to be an electric car. It will also be launched with a petrol / diesel engine option at a later date. But first, it will be launched as an all electric car. There are no plans to launch Curvv as a hybrid.

After this, comes the Avinya concept. Current crop of Tata electric cars are referred to as Gen 1 EVs. Gen 2 will be Curvv, and Gen 3 will be Avinya. In the current scheme of things, Avinya will be the pinnacle of Tata Motors’ EV tech. It will come with advanced autonomous driving tech like the one seen on Tesla. Tata Avinya platform is flexible and can spawn into SUVs, sedans / estates, crossovers, etc.

Tata Electric Car Production

Tata Motors has had a great start to the year 2022. From breaking their own sales record to launching new cars, the Indian car brand is getting close on becoming the 2nd largest car maker in the country. With demand rising, and plans to launch multiple new cars, Tata Motors is all set to take over Ford India plant in Sanand.

Tata Motors currently sells three electric cars Nexon EV, Tigor EV and XPRES-T. Total orders stand at an average of around 5,500-6,000 units each month. Tata Motors, currently operating at 85 percent capacity at its existing PV plants, seeks to commence production of its electric vehicle lineup from the Ford factory with a target of between 5-6 lakh cars in FY 2023. The automaker also has plans to invest an additional Rs 2,000 crores into this plant for the manufacture of 2 lakh electric vehicles by 2026.

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