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Tata Sumo, Force Gurkha Modified To Look Like Mercedes G Class

Out of the three custom G-Class by Big Daddy Modifiers, the ones based on Force Gurkha look a lot more cohesive than Sumo’s

Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified
Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified

You might have seen a few Tata Sumo renders specifically created to get G-Class elements. There are renders of Sumo out there that are morphed into a G-Class. If you wondered if anyone has made a real-life version of one of these, you’re in luck. Big Daddy Modifiers from Punjab have done just that.

Tata Sumo name is derived from a former MD of Tata Motors, Sumant Moolgaokar. It was one of the first passenger cars launched by Tata. It offered a lot of space and had seating for 9 occupants, thanks to side-facing 3rd-row jump seats.

Tata Sumo Modified To G-Class

If Big Daddy Modifiers name rings a bell in you, this is the same body shop that recently made custom Land Rover Defender based on Mahindra Bolero. We were filled with awe as it was one of the most meticulously executed jobs we had seen. Taking a look at this Sumo turned G-Class, it doesn’t invoke the same level of craftsmanship.

Mod jobs like these depend on a lot of factors, including customer budgets and time constraints. There are three custom G-Class in the video shared by Daya Karan. Of the three, the one in Blue is based on Tata Sumo and the other two seem to be based on Force Gurkha. Big Daddy Modifiers have modified these vehicles to look like outgoing G-Wagon and not older models.

Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified
Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified

We see the Pan-America grille with vertical slats on these mod jobs, which differentiates the new G-Class from preceding models. Sumo-based G-Class has a massive hood scoop which looks tacky and out of place on a G-Class. There are no fender-mounted turn indicators too, which is the defining character of a G-Class.

Viewing it from the sides, they could have modified the body shell to match the proportions with G-Class. Even the extended fenders aren’t enough to cover the wheels that are jutting out a lot more than required. We’re not sure what customer requirements were, but the Sumo-based G-Class could have been a lot better.

Gurkha-Based G-Class

Force Motors based Gurkha’s design language on G-Class, right from the factory. Big Daddy Modifiers have tastefully created a custom front fascia that resembles starkly with Mercedes-Benz G-Class. If Mercedes ever made a G-Class in 3-door format again, they would look exactly like these.

Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified
Tata Sumo / Force Gurkha Modified

Going by previous mods done by Big Daddy Modifiers, they mostly keep the interiors and powertrains intact. Unless otherwise requested by clients, of course. Sumo was powered by a 3.0L CR4 CV engine making 85 bhp and 250 Nm. Force Gurkha is powered by a Mercedes-Benz sourced 2.6L FM CR diesel engine making 90 bhp and 250 Nm.

Among all the states in this country, the car-modding culture from Punjab and Kerala is quite famous. Even though illegal, they’re being done on a large scale making it difficult for authorities to enforce. Car modders should get these vehicles tested and certified by ARAI to demonstrate their credibility. Something which often never happens.


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