Tata Sumo Grande given a sporty look by BigDaddyCustoms

Tata Sumo Grande given a sporty look by BigDaddyCustoms (1)BigDaddyCustoms says, Grande Xenon is a project offered to them by Tata Motors itself. According to them, Tata Motors asked them to do this job, as the current Grande Sumo is quite updated and looks more like a cab/MPV. In order to gauge public response on the Grande Xenon here, Tata asked BGC to create something which will make the Sumo Grande more like an SUV. Do you think they have managed to do so?

The car in the images here, is Tata Sumo Grande, originally developed by Tata Motors, and now modified by Indian car tuning company called, BigDaddyCustoms. When Tata Motors gave this project to BGC, they were given strict guidelines, as to how BGC should go about with the modifications. According to the guidelines, Tata said, “only tamper with the soft body (i.e. bumper sections, grille, cladding etc.) without making any changes in the metal body sections as it would involve major development cost if any of our design cues were incorporated in the commercial production stage later.”

Tata Sumo Grande was first launched in 2008. BGC says, “The main objective of this exercise was to study the possibilities on how to modernize the now dated looking GRANDE and make it look more urban, contemporary and SUV-ish rather than MUV-cab image it carries.”

Speaking about their modified Tata Sumo Grande, which is now the Grande Xenon, BGC says, “We have tried to give it a macho looking SUV look by re-designing the front bumper – grille combo, adding an innovative rear door embellishment and a fresh rear bumper as well. Floating side steps were fabricated with courtesy lighting incorporated in the un-missable brand tag “XENON” re-christened all over. Head lights – tail lights settings were re arranged using projectors and LEDs to be in-sync with today’s time. Ultramarine blue – matt grey combination was chosen to complete the look with blacked out original wheels and smoked glass house area.”

BGC says that the Grande is the most under-rated product in the Tata line-up in India. Do you agree? Leave your responses in the comments section below.