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Tata Motors takes a dig at Maruti over car safety – Kitna deti nahi, kitna safe pucho

Almost everyone knows about the famous three words, coined by Maruti Suzuki India – ‘Kitna Deti Hain?’ These words basically translates into ‘how much does it give?’ In the perspective of a new car buyer, these words imply, how much mileage does the car deliver.

Some would say that Maruti Suzuki has ruled, and continues to rule the Indian car market, thanks to this campaign. These ads aligned well with the mindset of majority of car buyers.

Tata Nexon is the only car, which is made by an Indian car brand, that has received 5 star safety rating as per global standards.

The ads had a fun factor, which also helped them to garner huge publicity. In the ad, Indians were shown asking question kitna deti hain to the likes of yacht, supersonic plane, a space shuttle, even asking the question to Amelia Johnson.

Maruti cars are known for delivering best in class mileage. And this has been one of their main focus point while developing new cars. Maruti cars want to be on the top, when it comes to fuel efficiency. Yes, mileage is an important question. But is it more important than safety? This is what Tata Motors is asking via their new video campaign this Republic Day. Below is the video released by Tata Motors.

The points put across in the video, are very much valid. Why do most new car buyers do not ask the question of how safe is the car, instead of asking how much mileage does it give?

The Tata Motors initiative implores the buyer to raise question on whether the vehicle has been tested for crash, the number of airbags, safety features and whether the car has been fitted with all the safety features so as to comply with new safety regulations coming into effect in the country.

To date, it was found that they buyer was more interested in the number of seats, boot capacity, infotainment system, other luxury features and paid little heed to safety. However with the new initiative being implemented, Tata Motors hopes to bring about a change in buyer’s perception.

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