Tata Tiago is the new name of Tata Zica – Official

It was back in November 2015 that Tata Motors revealed the name of their upcoming small car. This was Tata Zica, which was promoted by none other than Lionel Messi, Tata’s Global Ambassador. All was going well, marketing campaigns had started which were taking over the internet, TV, radio, etc; test drives were conducted for media, and so on.

Then there was the news of the outbreak of Zika virus which has been signalled as a bigger threat than the Ebola virus by experts. Sounding almost similar to their new car (Zica), Tata Motors decided to change the name Zica, which potentially has cost the company crores of rupees.

Tata Zica Customized 2016 Auto Expo

Thus began what Tata Motors called – Fantastico Hunt. In this hunt, Tata Motors invited their fans and customers from across the world to suggest a new name for Zica. In a small window of just 72 hours, Tata Motors received engagement from over 48 million enthusiasts and over 37,000 different name suggestion.

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Of these 37,000 names, Tata Motors shortlisted three – Adore, Civet and Tiago on 18th February and once again asked their fans to vote for the best name of the three. Today, Tata Motors announced that they have a clear winner and it is TIAGO. Yes. The new name of Tata Zica is Tata Tiago.

Tata Tiago Personalized – Photos

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