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Tata Tiago aiming for 5 star safety rating – Auto door lock feature (Update)

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UPDATE 9th Oct- Tata Motors has retracted their earlier statement on removing the auto door lock feature. This is the latest update shared by Tata – “Speed-sensing door lock feature is available in Tiago XZ+. As of now, we do not have any plans to discontinue the feature. Feel free to connect back with us in case of any further queries.”

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Original Post 7th Oct – Those who have questions regarding the speed sensing door lock in Tiago XZ and XZ+, it’s a feature that’s either already discontinued in your vehicle, or will be following an ECU update. If your Tiago’s automatic door lock isn’t working, it’s because the feature is being discontinued.

Tata Motors says, “The door auto-lock feature has been removed to meet the Global NCAP’s 5-star safety requirement. This feature has been removed to prevent the accidental lock of the vehicle in the event of an unfortunate crash.

All the doors can still be locked or unlocked at once by the switches on the driver’s side door. If you require any further assistance, feel free to connect back with us and we’d be happy to help.”

Tata tiago 5 star safety rating

A recent development, Tata Motors is discontinuing the feature owing to safety issues. The change takes into its fold new and old vehicles, and will reflect once ECU is updated.

The speed sensing door lock feature has also been deleted from Tata Nexon. This is owing to the risk involved post-accident wherein occupants may find themselves locked inside the car. While this would mean one would have to check if all doors are locked when the vehicle is in motion, it certainly does away with the default response of being locked in.

NCAP norms list Automatic Door Locking (ADL) specifics. They include, ‘Automatic Door Locking (ADL): System in the vehicle whereby the door latches automatically lock once the vehicle has reached a certain speed. They should also automatically unlock in the event of an accident, post impact. Short term deactivation for one single journey is permitted. To further assist the extrication efforts of first responders, the correct functioning of automatic door locks, i.e. unlocking after a crash, is checked.’

The feature deletion is probably needed in case there’s no guarantee of the ADL unlocking in case of any untoward incident. This would trap occupants, and make it difficult for first responders offer much needed aid in quicktime.

NCAP ‘understands the need for vehicles to be equipped with automatic locking doors due to such issues as security when stopped in traffic. However, in the event of an accident the locked doors should automatically unlock, post impact, to allow the occupants to exit but also for entry by first responders.’ In essense, it’s as much about automatic door locking as about unlocking.

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