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Tata Xenon SUV modified in a full black avatar – Loaded with offroad accessories

Even though discontinued, Tata Xenon has always been popular among SUV enthusiasts. From its tough built quality, to fantastic off-road quality, owners have always praised this Tata. Shariqh Abdul from Hyderabad is one such owner. He has now shared photos of his modified Tata Xenon, which looks ready to take on the world, after the end of the world.

The mod-job was done by Aacess automotive. It is not clear how much money was involved, but it definitely is in lakhs (on top of the Rs 12-13 lakhs price of the car).

Sharing his beast’s photos on Facebook Group 4×4 India, Shariqh says, “Hello group, my beast is finally ready. This is what 6 months of patience and hardwork looks like. I hope you guys like it.”

Finished in all black, Shariqh’s Tata Xenon features off-road ready metal bumpers. It also has the conventional headlamps and powerful LED strips on the bumper and on the roof. If these were not, there are a few more lights in the front. The original grille has been removed. And in place it is a wire-mesh all black grille, going with the overall theme of the car.

Accentuating the front metal bumpers, are the metal wheel arches, tough enough for you to stand on one. Then there are side-steps for both, front and rear passengers – very much required as the SUV’s ground clearance has been raised much higher than before.

At the rear you have a tailgate mounted sparewheel. Powering this beast is the same 2.2 liter diesel engine which is on sale with regular Xenon. This engine in its production variant delivers 138 hp and 320 Nm. Take a look at the detailed photos below.


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