Tata Xenon XT D-Cab 4×4 – 2016 Indonesia Auto Show (GIIAS)

Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI) has introduced the Tata Xenon XT D-Cab 4×4 at the 2016 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) for the local commercial vehicles market. Demand for 4×4 D-Cabs are strong for use as daily use vehicles and to carry supplies, apart from use in construction and defense sectors for their dual use.

4×4 D-Cab segment has reported consistent growth in Indonesia. TMDI President Director Biswadev Sengupta says Tata Xenon XT D-Cab 4×4 offers high power and torque, low emissions, a comfortable ride and most efficient operational cost in its class.

Tata Xenon D Cab 2016 GIIAS Indonesia (4)

Tata Xenon XT D-Cab multi-purpose double-cabin pickup with adjustable capacity is suited for varied business types. Loading deck is made of double corrugated galvanized steel with 1,000 kilogram carrying capacity and dimension of 1,430 x 1,410 x 400 mm. Ground clearance stands at 210 mm.

Tata 2.2L VTT DICOR gets power from a common rail diesel engine with 5-speed manual transmission to go at max speed of 160 km/hour. The pickup returns maximum power of 148 PS at 4,000 rpm and peak torque of 320 Nm at 1700- 2700 rpm. 4WD comes with shift on fly 4×4 for off-road capacity. GBS-76-5/4.1 gearbox with overdrive enables smooth gear shifts.

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Equipped with independent suspension with antiroll bar and LSD (Limited Slip Differential), stability in manoeuvring is assured even at full load across varying terrain and road conditions.

Tata Motors Xenon D-cab is equips itself with a Collapsible Steering Column, twin circuit braking system, dual airbags, ABS, side impact beams and reinforced 3-layer body construction.

Initial response for Tata Xenon XTD-Cab 4×4 has been good and Tata Motors is confident the vehicle will meet expectations of Indonesian customers.