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Taxi fares around the world– cheapest and most expensive


Holiday makers are the ones that are most conned customers when it comes to cab fares. Cab drivers are the quickest and most adept in recognizing first time visitors to the city and lose no time in making a fast buck.

CheapFlight research has taken into account the cheapest and most expensive cab fares across the globe and offered a plethora of information which could come in handy on travels with holiday makers being in the know of taxi fares in 27 cities. The recent study conducted by CheapFlight has revealed that a cab ride from the airport to a hotel in Berlin was the most expensive while taxi fares in Buenos Aires were among the cheapest.

cab_fares_world (6)Whatever the state of mind or level of fatigue the traveller is in at the end of the journey, the cab fare he/she is expected to shell out, to get them to their hotel is always a cause for concern. CheapFlight took into account average taxi costs in dollars per kilometre while arriving at this conclusion and took into consideration driving distances from airport to city routes.

In Asia, Tokyo, Japan cab fares are costliest at $2.80 per km with long waiting period on Friday and Saturday nights, compared to Delhi, India, at $0.60 per km. Here for shorter trips, a fun alternative are cycle and auto riskshaws and haggling for fares is a tolerated practice.

In Berlin, a 23 minute cab ride would cost $41.96, or $3.50 per km while the same distance travelled in London or Barcelona would cost $2.10 per km thus making this ride among some of the cheapest in the world. The most expensive cab ride could be experienced in San Jose, Costa Rica where an 18 minute 8.5 km ride will set travellers back $26.66 or $3.10 per km. The cheapest being in Buenos Aires with a 40 minute, 30 km ride costing $9.76 or $0.30 per km.


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