TaxiForSure launches Tata Nano cabs in Bangalore at fares cheaper than auto-rickshaw

TaxiForSure is a cab booking service provider based in Bangalore, which works with various taxi operators in assisting them with technology to rope in customers. What started operating in a small rooftop bungalow in Bangalore, in June 2011, has now spread to 26 cities.

Tata Nano Taxis can be booked only via TaxiForSure mobile app.

TaxiForSure has serviced over 7,00,000 customers across India and last month the company celebrated 3 million cab bookings. Taxis can be booked via hotline, online and through smartphone app. Latter has a ‘Ride Now’ feature through which cabs can be booked instantly without having to manually provide pickup location.

Anyways, the company has recently introduced a Tata Nano taxi option exclusive to the city of Bengaluru (for now). Nano-Cab can be booked only via TaxiForSure mobile app. Fare for the same is boasted to be less expensive than hiring an auto. For first 2 km, Nano Taxi costs only Rs. 25 and for every km then, Rs. 10 will be charged. Whereas, an ideal auto-walah would demand Rs. 25 for 1.9 km and Rs. 13 per km thereafter.

While taking an auto in Bangalore at night would certainly not be an advisable affair, as one of the reasons is exorbitant demand for fare (which would be negotiated in terms of multiples of metre value), TaxiForSure has announced that Nano Cab will be available 24 hours a day, and at no varying tariff with respect to time.

Initially, 100 Tata Nano cabs are being commissioned in bangalore, all of which are leased. As demand for Nano Taxis hike, TaxiForSure would obviously increase the fleet size and institute the same in other metros first. Meanwhile, there are other players getting their own fleet of Nano ready.