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Agile methodologies conference will see Joe Justice of team WIKISPEED road legal 100+ mpg cars

Agile technologies are used widely in the IT sector simple because they are easy to implement and once implemented their uniqueness enables one to determine number of steps, tasks and work products that will be involved in a particular process. Use of this type of methodology enables one to benefit from a systematic work sheet which allows for timely development and delivery of products etc.

Best feature of using agile methodology over traditional methodology is that while using agile methodologies a smart system makes decisions after taking into consideration numerous permutations and combinations. However, in a traditional methodology environment, a manager of supervisor is needed to make these decisions which may at time not pan out thereby, affecting a work scenario.

At a conference which will be held later, Joe Justice leader of team WIKISPEED will share about his view and agile technologies used by his team to complete building of an auto car within a time period of 3 months. During this competition they built a four seater, gasoline powered car which provides users with fuel economy of 100+ mpg.

Wikispeed Press note:

What if the car you drove to work every day got 100 mpg? Joe Justice and his Wikispeed team have developed a functional prototype. Using Agile radical management methods, their prototype was developed in just three months, instead of the multi-year process that traditional manufacturing requires.

Other notable facts? The car can go from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds. It weighs just 1,404 pounds. It has a top speed of 149 mph. Its ground clearance can be adjusted anywhere from racing to sport utility.

By day, Justice is a young software consultant in the Seattle area. But he is also the leader of the international Team Wikispeed, which is now building a fast, affordable, ultra-efficient, safe, fun commuter car that should sell for less than $20,000.
The Wikispeed team achieved all this by developing the car like modern software teams using the radical management methods of Agile, Lean and Scrum. This approach enabled the team to innovate much more quickly than conventional manufacturing.

Team Wikispeed follows the model of Agile software teams, using 1 week “sprints”. The team iterates the entire car every 7 days. That means every 7 days they re-evaluate each part of the car and re-invent the next highest priority aspects. This radically accelerates the pace of development.




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