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Tech Company Gifts 13 Toyota Glanza Cars – To Long Term Employees

Tridhya Tech rewards top talent with Toyota Glanza cars – Employee Recognition Programme to celebrate unmatched dedication

Company gifts Toyota Glanza to employees
Company gifts Toyota Glanza to employees

Tridhya Tech, a digital transformation company, recently honoured 13 long-term employees with a Toyota Glanza hatchback. A gesture of appreciation for their contributions to the company’s growth. Employee appreciation programmes are aimed at retaining top talent and promoting a positive work culture. And fosters a culture of increased motivation, job satisfaction, and improved morale.

Tridhya Tech offers a range of tech solutions to help companies achieve effective digital transformation. The company has a presence in Asia, Europe, and Australia. And has collaborated with industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and Energy.

Employee appreciation and importance of employee retention

Tridhya Tech recognizes the importance of employee appreciation for human resource management, and its impact on a company’s success. To show gratitude, the company took a unique approach of rewarding hard work and dedication. Its transparent and fair employee recognition programme helped share the wealth created with employees.

The company plans to continue such initiatives in the future to foster a positive work culture. Alongside, it improves employee morale, increases engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction, and retains top talent. Differentiators such as its innovative approach, impactful employee recognition programme, and transparent and fair policies help with overall company welfare.

The company recently gifted 13 Toyota Glanza cars to employees, a move that has received widespread recognition and praise. Tridhya Tech car gifting programme is a prime example of an innovative and impactful way to show employee appreciation. And sends a message that employees are valued and appreciated. Such initiatives can have a positive impact on overall job satisfaction, and commitment to the company. The move serves as an assertional story across the industry.

Toyota Glanza, a rebadged version of Maruti Baleno is positioned as a premium offering, with noted styling difference, and added features. In its segment, the practical hatchback offers a combination of style, comfort, and safety, making it a great choice for an employee appreciation programme. Toyota is a reputable brand known for its reliability, dependability, and performance. Qualities one would look for in a great employee.

Demonstration of company values – Insight into how the gift has impacted employees

Ramesh Marand, the Chief Executive Officer and Director at TridhyaTech, while addressing the employees said, “We are gifting cars to employees as a part of our employee recognition program. I strongly believe in sharing the wealth we have created with our employees. This is just the beginning. We are looking forward to more and more such initiatives in the future.”

Speaking at the occasion, one of the 13 employees expressed his gratitude by calling it an unexpected initiative, “It feels great to be appreciated for the hard work you have put in and get the results for it. However, getting a car from your employer is a whole new level. The company never fails to appreciate our contribution to the growth.” It’s safe to say, at Tridhya Tech, the road to success is paved with Toyota Glanzas.

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