Tech Mahindra working on driverless cars for 10 manufacturers

Developing Autonomous and driverless car technology is one of the important segment Tech Mahindra is currently focusing on. The company is already working with 10-12 car makers in order to develop driverless car technology.

Tech Mahindra has been developing GenNext technologies for a host of automakers developing driverless cars. As per them, the semi-autonomous and autonomous driverless technology has a great potential in the near future.

Semi autonomous technology like park assist, highway and urban drive assist, etc have already made way into the cars of today. By 2016, Tech Mahindra expects such technology to be seen in almost all new cars. This is a stepping stone towards developing fully autonomous cars.

google car
Google’s driverless car

Seeing great potential in this technology, Tech Mahindra is working on both passenger and commercial vehicles. Tech Mahindra expects huge revenue boost from driverless car technology. The company says that as compared to current revenue being generated from driverless cars, next 3-5 years will see the revenue getting doubled.

Keen to go forward in this field, Tech Mahindra has around 200 individuals at work on this technology, with the promise to make such vehicles smarter than self guided missiles (yes, you read correct).

Developing a driverless car is more challenging than developing a self guided missile, says Karthikeyan Natarajan, Global Head, Integrated Engineering Solutions, Tech Mahindra.

A driverless car will have all the features which are on-board a self-guided missile, like GPS, proximity sensors, radars and the ability to take decisions. These same features are on offer with driverless cars, but in a much more complex manner.

Google Self Drive Car – Videos


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