Tech-Specs of Hero HX250R, Dash, Extreme Sports, RNT Diesel, Leap Hybrid

Tech-Specs of Hero HX250R 2Hero HX250R

Technical Specifications:

Type 4 – stroke single cylinder DOHC , Liquid cooled,  engine
Bore x Stroke 81.0 x 48.5 mm
Displacement 249 cc
Clutch Multi-plate wet
Gear box 6 Speed constant mesh
Suspension Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Rear: Single shock , 5 Step adjustable Pre Load,  Shim Valve Damping

Brakes Front: 300 mm Disc, three piston caliper, Combined braking with optional ABS

Rear: 220 mm Disc, linked. Combined braking with optional ABS

Wheel and Tyres Front: 17×2.75 Alloy wheel with 110/80R-17  Unidirectional tubeless tyre

Rear: 17×4.00 Alloy wheel with 140/70R-17  Unidirectional tubeless tyre

Battery 12 V – 6 Ah ,  MF Battery
Head Lamp Twin 12V –  35W / 35W – Halogen Bulb , DC – Multi-Reflector Type
Position Lamp LED Light Guide
Tail / Stop Lamp LED Lights
Length 2085 mm
Width 735 mm
Height 1145 mm
Wheelbase 1370 mm
Ground clearance 145 mm
Kerb weight 139  kgs.
Fuel tank capacity 12.9 Ltrs   ( Min )

Key Highlights:  

  • High performance liquid-cooled balanced engine with advanced multi-sensor electronic fuel injection system that delivers optimal power and response in every situation
  • Six speed constant mesh gear box with optimized ratio selection
  • Geodesic tubular frame with power-train as stressed member for maximum mass centralization enabling crisp handling and manoeuvrability
  • Aerodynamic styling, featuring the trademark Hero lightning bolt design
  • Optimised pivot location for swing arm to minimise angle changes through the suspension travel for a smooth ride
  • High quality 37mm forks with sophisticated damping for best ride on all roads

Environmental Features:

  • Optimized intake and exhaust systems to deliver great power with excellent fuel mileage, drivability and emissions performance
  • Superior low friction engine oil ensures enhanced drain period, better cold starting abilities and cleaner environment
  • Closed Crankcase Ventilation System to ensure zero emission from the crankcase
  • MF (Maintenance-Free) Battery has sufficient CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) for easy starting even in cold conditions

Safety Features:

  • Vehicle equipped with seven High-tech sensors to ensure safety and performance
  • Large brake rotors and multi piston front caliper with sintered brake pads for class leading braking performance.
  • Combined braking system for most stable braking
  • Optional sophisticated ABS system available for extra assurance on changing road surfaces and condition
  • Tubeless tyres for better safety
  • Twin-DC Headlight with LED guide position lights

Hero Extreme Sports techspecsHero Extreme Sports

Technical Specifications:

Type Air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC
Displacement 149.2 cc
Max Power 15.2 bhp (11.33 Kw) @ 8500 rpm
Max Torque 12.80 N-m @ 6500 rpm
Gearbox  5 speed constant mesh
Suspension Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Type

Rear: Rectangular Swing Arm with 5 Step Adjustable Gas Reservoir Suspension

Wheels & Tyres Rear Front: Cast wheel 80/100 x 18 – 47 P tubeless

Rear: Cast wheel 110/90 x 18 – 61 tubeless

Brakes Front: Disc dia 240 mm

Rear: Internal expanding shoe type 130 mm drum brake/ 220 mm disc (optional)

Battery 12 V – 4 Ah  (MF Battery)
Fuel Capacity  12.1 Litre (usable reserve 1.5 Litre)
Length 2100 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1080 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Kerb Weight 148 Kg (front disc & Rr Drum)/ 149 Kg (Fr disc & Rr Disc)

Technical Specifications:

  • Streetfighter looks and new exciting body graphics
  • New Headlamp with LED position lights
  • Wider rear tyre
  • Telescopic hydraulic front suspension
  • Rear suspension with GRS (Gas Reservoir System)
  • Speedometer with side stand indicator
  • Maintenance Free Battery

Hero RNT diesel conceptHero RNT

Technical Specifications:

Type Liquid cooled 4 stroke turbocharged direct injection diesel
Displacement 150cc
Max Power 13.5hp @ 4,000rpm
Max Torque 35 N-m @ 1,600rpm
Gearbox  6-speed constant mesh
Suspension Front: 37mm telescopic hydraulic forks

Rear: Swing Arm with Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Wheel and Tyres Front: 2.75 X 17 Cast Aluminium with 120/70-R17 tyre

Rear:  4.00 X 17 Cast Aluminium with  150/60-R17 tyre

Brakes Front: Hydraulic, multi piston caliper, 300mm rotor

Rear: Hydraulic, single piston caliper, 220 mm rotor

Battery Main: Lead acid, 13.2 volt, 6 amp/hr, 50 CCA
Headlight Accessory Lightweight 16 cell Li-ion, 500 CCA, 12 amp/hr Ballistic Performance EVO2, dry cell technology, can be mounted in any position.
Alternator Electrified upgrade features 1500W of continuous electrical power, 6.5A @ 230V
Fuel Capacity  Main 6 Liters,
Top Speed 70 kph
Acceleration 0-60 kph  5 Seconds
Length 2029 mm
Width 739 mm
Height 1077 mm
Ground Clearance 168 mm
Kerb Weight 136 kg

Key Features and Highlights:

  • Rugged, utilitarian and practical design
  • The wide flat loading surfaces with strap bars, as well as multi-use folding front, rear and side racks, a large comfortable seat and spacious footboards
  • 2WD via optional electric front hub motor which provides up to 1KW of power to the front wheel.  Controllable using secondary throttle.  Works independently or in conjunction with standard chain drive
  • Integrated stationary generator mode providing 1500W of continuous electrical power or 6.5A @ 230V
  • Removable secondary LED headlight with internal Li-ion battery.  Front mounted LED main headlights for excellent visibility even with the front rack loaded.

Hero leap electric hybrid scooterHero Leap

Technical Specifications:

Type A serial hybrid scooter powered by lithium-ion batteries and an 8kW electric traction motor with an on-board generator set powered by an extremely efficient all new 124cc engine.
Transmission Belt drive, direct from motor to rear wheel
Suspension Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers

Rear: Unit Swing with spring loaded hydraulic dampers

Brakes Front: 240 mm Dia Disc

Rear: 130 mm Dia. Drum

Wheel and Tyres Front: 13 x  2.50, Alloy wheel with 110 / 70 x 13 tyre

Rear: 11 x 3.50 , Alloy wheel with 120 / 70 x 11 tyre

Battery Lithium Ion Battery
Head lamp LED type
Position Lamp LED type
Tail / stop lamp LED type
Length 1884 mm
Width 850  mm
Height 1162 mm
Wheelbase 1347 mm
Ground clearance 140  mm
Kerb weight 140  kgs.
Fuel tank capacity 3  Ltrs   ( Min )

Key Highlights:

  • Sleek aerodynamic styling and all-LED lighting system
  • Strong steel tubular frame, with battery and traction motor positioned for low center of gravity enabling better handling and control under all conditions
  • The Permanent magnet AC (PMAC) traction motor that delivers maximum torque of more than 60nm from a standstill
  • Near-silent acceleration in full electric operation is better than that of many gasoline scooters
  • Top speed of the Leap is 100 kph when running with the range extender
  • Final drive through a high-technology toothed belt reinforced with super strength fibre, requires no maintenance or adjustment, and is designed to last for the life of the vehicle
  • A compact balanced single cylinder range extender engine designed to run a single speed with world-class efficiency.

Environmental Features:

  • All-rolling-element bearing design allows a low friction and less oil system
  • Advanced fuel injection for low emissions and high efficiency
  • Regenerative braking from the traction motor provides smooth slowing in normal operation

Safety Features:

  • Headlight is a bright, high/low LED projector beam design in a single compact unit
  • Premium tires give great control in the corners
  • Swing arm directly mounted to electric motor cases pivots at the output shaft center, eliminating variations of belt tension through the suspension travel.
  • Disk brake and multi piston front caliper give powerful and controllable stopping response
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)-optimized wheel design gives maximum strength for least weight for better handling

Hero dash auto scooter techspecsHero Dash

Technical Specifications:

Type Forced Air Cooled, 4-Stroke Cylinder OHC Engine
Displacement 111 cc
Max Power 6.3 kW @ 7500RPM
Max Torque 9.4 Nm @ 5750 rpm
Suspension Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers Dia 30

Rear: Single Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorber

Wheel and Tyres Cast Wheel 90/90 – 12(Front) tubeless

Cast wheel 90/90 – 10 (Rear) tubeless

Brakes Front: Internal Expanding Shoe Type (130 mm) Drum Brake

(Integrated Braking System)

Rear: Internal Expanding Shoe Type (130 mm) Drum Brake

(Integrated Braking System)

Battery 12 V – 4 Ah  (MF Battery)
Fuel capacity 6 Litre, Usable Reserve 1.8 litres
Length 1850 mm
Width 822 mm
Height 1270 mm
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Kerb Weight 110 Kg (Self)

Key Highlights:

  • Powerful and fuel efficient 111cc engine
  • Enhanced driving experience with a 12” front wheel and telescopic hydraulic suspension
  • Unique Key operated – External Fuel lid provides ease and convenience of faster re-fuelling
  • Service Due & Side stand indicator in the console acts as a reminder for the rider
  • Mobile Charging Socket provides the convenience of a quick re-charge for the mobile phone, while on the move
  • Bold styling with commanding stance on the road
  • Stylish Digital Analog Meter Console
  • Dual tone mirrors
  • Large under seat storage
  • Seat Storage light

Safety Features:  

  • Integrated braking system to enable precise braking, even at high speeds
  • Service Due & Side stand indicator
  • Tubeless tyres for better safety

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