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Techo Electra electric scooter prices reduced – New price list

Techno electra electric scooter

Pune-based Techo Electra is a new name in the growing electric scooter market. Current trends point to a number of new entrants in the EV space by virtue of electric scooters.

Techo Electra offers three e-scooters – Neo, Raptor and Emerge. Launched fairly recently, the vehicles were originally listed at a retail price of Rs 43,967, 60,771, and 72,247, respectively (all prices are ex-showroom, Pune).

Now the company has been able to revise its product price range owing to GST reduction for EVs from 12 percent to 5 percent. The new price range is as follows – Rs 41,557, Rs 57,423, and Rs 68,106, ex-Pune

Techno electra new scooter prices

The Techo Electra Neo, Raptor and Emerge electric scooter trio get power from a hub-mounted BLDC motor rated at 250 watts. Entry level Neo, and mid-range Raptor use lead acid battery packs. Emerge works on a lithium ion unit. All of the battery packs are portable. Battery unit variations lead to charge time variation. While lead acid batteries charge in 5-7 hours, a lithium ion pack does the job in 4-5 hours.

Techo Electra Neo is deigned to go 65 km on full charge. Raptor and Emerge have a drive range of 85 kms, and 80 kms, respectively. Both bikes feature a front disc brake, and reversing function. Neo base variant features drum brakes. Emerge features a fully digital LCD instrument console, and builds on a retro classic design bike. All three scooters feature LED headlights, USB charging, and central locking.

Techno electra scooter specs

The brand plans to open dealerships at tier-1 and tier-2 cities for better brand penetration. As it stands, the vehicles face competition from Hero Electric and Ampere scooters. While there’s no long-term forecast of how the electric scooter market is likely to perform, but there’s no denying the fact that a large number of manufacturers have entered the foray.

And this doesn’t even include established brands but instead sees new players mushrooming. So long as the market isn’t overcrowded, things could look up in the years to come with India focusing on quicker electric vehicle adaptation. With the right vehicles, infrastructure, and price point, electric scooters could just be the new way of getting around.

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