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TEDxBangalore hugging 100 auto wallas


TEDxBangalore Adventure is an attempt to showcase the best of Bangalore to guests with focus on real people, initiatives and institutions that are actively involved in making the city better each day.

First 200 guests at TEDxBangalore will experience a day long long adventure free of charge in a quest to discover the city with a fresh pair of eyes through BLR to Bangalore

A video made available focus on the city’s wheels, in this case three-wheelers/auto rickshaws/tuktuks. A hug offers enough to brighten up your day, so 2 youths in teh city went on to approach a 100 rickshaw drivers and hugged the, While some of them may not have processed what just happened, most were gleeful, and returned the bear hug, sometimes culminating in group hugs.

Some love in a tough city seems part of the agenda and the city’s 8000 Auto Wallas probably need it more. TEDxBangalore is more than glad to bring it and welcomes more people to experience it on August 3, 2014 at MLR Convention Centre.

TEDxBangaloreTEDxBangalore Main Event will have 3 thematic sessions. Apart from BLR to Bangalore, the other sessions, Down South stresses on learning and sharing with one another through a conversation between Bangalore and the rest of India as meaningful exchange makes lives richer, and Outsourced will explore the city’s reputation as outsourcing and IT Capital of the world by inviting ideas globally to learn more and build on the city’s identity that’s to be explored in the years to come.


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